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Person.png Emmanuel Macron  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(politician, banker, deep state operative)
President Macron and First Lady Brigitte
BornEmmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron
21 December 1977
Amiens, France
Alma materLycée la Providence, Lycée Henri-IV, Paris X Nanterre, Sciences Po
ReligionRoman Catholicism
Parents • Jean-Michel Macron
• Françoise Noguès-Macron
SpouseBrigitte Trogneux
Member ofAttali commission, French-American Foundation/Young Leaders/2012, Marshall Memorial Fellowship, WEF/Young Global Leaders/2016
Victim ofBilderberg wind?
Interest ofLaurent Bigorgne
PartyEn Marche!
French deep state operative banker, named a possible blackmail victim of Trump.

Employment.png President of France Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
14 May 2017 - Present
Preceded byFrançois Hollande

Employment.png Co-Prince of Andorra Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
14 May 2017 - Present
Preceded byFrançois Hollande
Serving with Joan Enric Vives Sicília

Employment.png President of En Marche!

In office
6 April 2016 - 8 May 2017

“Emmanuel Macron? I’m the one who spotted him. I even invented him. Totally.”
Jacques Attali (2017)  [1]

Emmanuel Macron is a French banker turned politician who was sworn in as President of France on 14 May 2017. At the most influential bank in France, Rothschild & Cie, he was quickly advanced to partner. He attended his first Bilderberg in June/May 2014 and was made French Minister of the Economy Industry and Digital Affairs that August.

Early Background

Macron was born on 21 December 1977 in Amiens. Although raised in a non-religious family, Macron was baptised a Roman Catholic by his own request at age 12; he is agnostic today.[2]

Macron attended the Jesuit institute Lycée la Providence[3] in Amiens[4] before his parents sent him to finish his last year of school[5] at the elite Lycée Henri-IV in Paris. At the same time he was nominated for the "Concours général" (most selective national level high school competition) in French literature and received his diploma for his piano studies at Amiens Conservatory.[6]

His parents sent him off to Paris due to their alarm at the bond he had formed with Brigitte Auzière, a married teacher with three children at Jésuites de la Providence, who later became his wife.[7]

In Paris, Macron failed to gain entry to the École normale supérieure twice.[8][9][10] He instead studied philosophy at the Paris X Nanterre, obtaining a DEA degree (a master level degree, with a thesis on Machiavelli and Hegel).[3][11] Around 1999 Macron worked as an editorial assistant to Paul Ricoeur, the French Protestant philosopher who was then writing his last major work, La Mémoire, l'Histoire, l'Oubli. Macron worked mainly on the notes and bibliography.[12][13] Macron became a member of the editorial board of the literary magazine Esprit.[14]

Macron obtained a master's degree in public affairs at the Sciences Po, majoring in "Public Guidance and Economy" before training for a senior civil service career at the selective École nationale d'administration (ENA), training at an embassy in Nigeria[15] and in an office in Oise before graduating in 2004.[16]

Macron is the beneficiary of several Young Leaders programs. He was selected to participate in the Young Leaders program of the French-American Foundation. He is mentioned as a participant in the Marshall Memorial Fellowship, a deep state security program and recruiting ground for CIA assets. He attended the 2014 Bilderberg Conference in Copenhagen. He became a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2016.

Sexual Blackmail

Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte in 2018

Macron was a high school student when he first met Brigitte Trogneux, his drama teacher and a married mother of three. He moved to Paris where he graduated from ENA, France's elite finishing school for future presidents and ministers, but he kept in touch with Brigitte, who eventually divorced her husband and married Macron in 2007. The two have always insisted Macron was of legal age when the relationship started, although it would still be an abuse situation by a teacher. The strangeness of the situation and marriage has led to accusation that it is a sham, and that Macron was a victim of the French's deep state's very entrenched France/VIPaedophile scene, or the very least some sort of sexual blackmail situation.

Rumours of homosexual relations frequently appear around Macron, to the degree that he feels compelled to deny them. In 2017 he denied rumours of an affair with Mathieu Gallet, leader of France Radio. Following a conviction in 2018 for favouritism in the attribution of publicity contracts during his time as President of INA, Gallet was sentenced to a one-year jail term, which was suspended, as well as a 20,000 euro fine. Frederic Mitterrand suggested that Macron was involved in Gallet's conviction because the rumours about their homosexual affairs were damaging to Macron's presidential image.[17] Allegedly a paparazzi photographer had got salacious pictures of Macron with Gallet in a forest.[18]

In 2018 Le Monde posted a video of presidential bodyguard Alexandre Benalla assaulting protestors at a May Day demonstration. That video sparked a public outcry — in part because Benalla was wearing police gear at the time, even though he wasn’t an officer. Further investigation revealed he had been passing himself off as a deputy to the Private Office of the President, a much more prestigious and powerful role than security guard, and lived at the presidential palace, where he reportedly enjoyed a company car and outsized salary - which led to questions as to why this loose cannon was being treated with kid gloves. Benalla was ultimately fired, but not before rumours began circulating that he and the French president were having a gay love affair. Macron actually had to denounce the allegations, saying “Alexandre Benalla [has never] been my lover.”[19]

Even standard photo-ops like this selfie from 2018 has a homoerotic feel[20]

Republican party lawmaker Nicolas Dhuicq said concerning his private life that "it is becoming public as we speak… Macron is a guy who is called a chouchou, or a darling, of the French media, which is owned by only a few people, as we all know. Besides, one of the guys who backs him is famous businessman Pierre Berge, a business partner and long-time lover of Yves Saint Laurent, who is openly homosexual and advocates gay marriage. There is very wealthy gay lobby behind him. This says it all."[21]

Early Political Career

After graduating from ENA in 2004, Macron became an Inspector in the Inspection générale des finances (IGF), a branch of the Finance Ministry.[12] In 2006, Laurence Parisot offered him the job of managing director for Mouvement des Entreprises de France, the largest employer federation in France, but he declined.[22]

Jacques Attali

Then in 2007, a crucial year in his career, the 29-year-old Macron was spotted and invited by deep politician Jacques Attali in his Commission for stimulating economic growth[23]. Attali is one of the most influential advisers of generations of French presidents, from François Mitterrand to Francois Hollande. French media calls Attali “the true president of France”.[citation needed]

In 2008, the Attali commission presented to President Nicolas Sarkozy “300 proposals to change France” – a plan for modernisation of the economy meant to save it from the long years of stagnation. The main idea can be formulated as follows: to avoid losing its competitiveness in the global market, the country must drastically reduce the cost of labour. One way for this to happen is to increase immigration to France; low-paid recent immigrants, who will not be able to get organised in trade unions, will displace the local workers from manufacturing and services. Also, the plan is impressive with the proposal to drastically reduce government spending on health, education and pension provision. Sarkozy did not dare to accept this radical plan.[24]

Rothschild & Cie Banque

In September 2008, Macron left his job as an Inspector of Finances and took a position at Rothschild & Cie Banque.[25] Macron came recommended by powerful alumni of the institution, including François Henrot, a longtime Rothschild partner.

The Financial Times wrote[26]:

When Emmanuel Macron told friends in 2008 he was joining Rothschild, the prestigious investment bank, the then 30-year-old civil servant was warned it could scupper a future career in politics. "You're conscious that banking is not any kind of job? And Rothschild not any kind of bank?" said one friend to the man who, nine years later, would become frontrunner in France's presidential election.

The Financial Times also tells that he barely was competent for the job. "He was the guy who would constantly say 'thank you'," a former colleague said. "He didn't know what ebitda [earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation] was. He didn't try to hide it. And instead of looking it up in a corporate finance book, he asked around, which was disarming."[27] On the Atos deal, Macron, "had a fairly junior role at the time - he would be asked to redo the financial models on Excel, the basics," recalled an adviser. But a few days after the deal was announced, Mr Macron was made a partner. A few months later, he stunned colleagues and rivals by winning a role in Nestlé's purchase of Pfizer's infant food operations."[26]

The Nestlé-Pfizer deal was worth $11.85 billion. At that time he met for the first time Matthew Pigasse, director of the French branch of the Lazard Brothers bank, who wanted to make the same purchase for his client, Danone, but failed. So Macron found his greatest enemy in the face of Matthew Pigasse. In 2010, Pigasse who is a "leftist banker" and a friend and patron of the French socialists, planned to become an economic adviser to Francois Hollande but Jacques Attali recommended Emmanuel Macron to Hollande. For several years Macron, perfectly fluent in English and German, facilitated between the top-socialist of France and the foreign financial circles.[28]

The Financial Times wrote of a similar incident. At the bank, Mr Macron mastered the art of networking and navigated around the numerous conflicts of interest that arise in close-knit Parisian business circles, making good use of his connections as an Inspecteur des Finances - an elite corps of the very highest-ranking graduates from ENA. In 2010, he advised, for free, the staff of Le Monde when the newspaper was put up for sale. Journalists at the daily started doubting his loyalty when they happened upon him in conversation with Mr. Minc, who was representing a bidding consortium that the staff opposed. They did not know that it was Mr. Minc, a fellow Inspecteur des Finances, who had helped the young Mr. Macron secure his interview at Rothschild. A media executive who was part of the same consortium recalled: "It wasn't clear who Emmanuel worked for. He was around, trading intelligence, friends with everyone. It was smart, because he got to know everybody in the media world."[26]

Minister of Economy

In 2012, Hollande became president and Macron left the bank of Rothschild and was appointed deputy secretary general of the Elysee Palace. In 2014, in his position of “young reformer”, he headed the Ministry of Economy and Industry (taking the place of longtime friend and business partner of Pigasse, Arnaud Montebourg). Hollande gives him carte blanche for activities related to the modernisation of the economy and Macron presents a bill with more than 300 sections, all very similar to the ideas of the Attali commission.[28]

The discussion of the bill was accompanied by massive protests. There was no chance to pass the law in parliament. Hollande then exercised his right to adopt certain bills without the approval of parliament and in August 2015 approved the “Law of Macron"[28].

He noticeably approved mergers of strategic companies with their US counterparts, thus transferring successful French companies and technology to American control. This happened with the French company Technip, which provided services and technology to the oil sector. Macron strongly supported the merger and relocation of the Technip group with its American competitor FMC. He also gave approval for the French turbine producer Alstom - critical in the nuclear power plant sector - to be taken over by General Electric.

Since he became Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron's declarations of assets and interests have been controversial. Macron's fortune was declared as 156,000 euros in 2014 - making him the poorest of the presidential candidates - after he had earned more than 3 million euros at the Rothschild bank between 2008 and 2012. The Macron couple managed to never pay wealth tax between 2008 and 2014. In the 11 billion Pfizer deal, where he personally helped increase the sale price by 500 million euro, he officially made only a few hundred thousand euros. An anonymous source at Rothschild considered this sum "highly improbable".[29]

Astroturfed party

Before his political career, he was not a member of any of the leading parties and the three years (2006 to 2009) in socialist ranks can be considered a formality; Macron joined them “officially” but did not pay dues and did not attended party events.

In 2016, when the rating of Hollande was embarrassingly low something unusual started to happen around Emmanuel Macron. Out of nowhere a movement, “Youth for Macron” arose. It is difficult to even imagine the youth uniting suddenly around unpopular minister of economy in a country with depressive economy. However, several thousand people turned out to participate in the new movement.[28]

Thierry Meyssan pointed out: "His presidential candidacy was supported by NATO, the Rothschilds, all the companies of the CAC40 and the unanimous Press. They managed to fabricate the election of their protégé with two thirds of the votes cast – a young man, only 39 years old, whose party was created on the Internet just one year ago, and who had until then never stood in any election. The name of the new party – En Marche!, was chosen in order to have the same initials as its candidate. This exploit was realised by the team of Steele & Holt, a mysterious company whose name refers to the TV series Remington Steele. Thierry Meyssan investigated and concluded: "Don’t bother trying to find out who is hiding behind this company – you’ll find nothing. Except for the fact that its two main clients are AXA and the Rothschild family."[30][31]

Laurent Bigorgne, director of the influential think-tank Institut Montaigne is close to Macron, a “longtime friend”. He worked on the future president’s program, notably in the field of education, where former member of the Institute, Jean-Michel Blanquer, became minister.[32] The Insitute contains several interesting members, including convicted child-rapist Olivier Duhamel and 10 Bilderbergers, including Henri de Castries, who as of 2020 was also the chairman of the Bilderberg Steering Committee.

Before Macron ran for president, he launched a new, astroturfed, political party, "En Marche", with has the same registered address as the private address of Laurent Bigorgne, or rather, as En Marche scrambled to explain when this covert connection was revealed, "his wife, who is a personal friend of Emmanuel Macron".[33].

Presidential election

The presidential election was carefully manoeuvred to let Macron sweep to victory.

Francois Fillon, a former prime minister and Macron's main rightwing rival in France's 2017 presidential race, was forced to resign after it was revealed he had orchestrated a fake parliamentary assistant job for his wife that saw her paid hundreds of thousands of euros (dollars) in public funds. He was charged six weeks after the fraud claims emerged in the Canard Enchaine newspaper, an unusually swift move in a country where legal inquiries can take months or years. The charges are correct, but such arrangements are very commonplace in the French political establishment. In 2020 Eliane Houlett, the former head of France's Financial Prosecutor's Office (PNF), told lawmakers she had sustained “pressure” and “very strict oversight” aimed at bringing charges quickly against Fillon. President "called for a probe into claims". Houlett[34]

Macron received 24,01% of the votes in the first round. Le Pen came second (21,30%), bigger than the left wing candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon (19,58%) and Fillon at (20,01%), and advanced to the second round of the election. Her results, the best possible outcome for Macron, might have been helped by incidents such as the 2015 Paris attacks, the Charlie Hebdo shooting and the 2016 Nice truck event, all with suspicious links to intelligence services (Gladio 2.0).

Because of the cordon sanitaire around Front National, ensuring that he received both the mainstream right wing and left wing votes, Macron easily won the second round of the presidential election. At the age of 39, became the youngest President in French history and the youngest French head of state since Napoleon.[35]

His PR-managers staged the "peril Le Pen", so that many electors who are strongly opposed to Macron nonetheless voted for him for fear of a possible Front National victory. In corporate media Marine Le Pen is considered to be the incarnation of fascism, although she has never supported the positions with which she is charged and even excluded her father and party founder [[Jean Marie Le Pen] from it.[31]

President 2017

Thierry Meyssan predicted:

History repeats itself – in 1940, the French supported Philippe Petain in order to preserve themselves from Nazism, but it was Petain who installed fascism. In 2017, they voted for Macron in order to preserve themselves from fascism, yet he will be the one who installs it....Indeed, the unanimous support of the written Press for candidate Macron, and the campaign against dissenting Internet sites, give us a taste of things to come."[30]

In 2019, Macron was quoted as saying that "What we are currently experiencing is the brain death of NATO".[36]

Emmanuel Macron was criticised after using the word "Amish" to describe opponents of 5G.[37]

After his first 100 days in office, dogged with allegations of financial irregularities among members of his government, as well as rows over planned cuts to housing support for people on low-incomes, Macron became more unpopular than his predecessor François Hollande in the same 3-month period.[38]

Expanded police powers

In December 2020, the Macron government enacted a series of executive decrees which expanded the conditions in which police could collect detailed files on the population, including the views and political activities of citizens. It removed a clause in the existing police rules which explicitly precluded the use of police files by large-scale automated facial recognition technology.[39]

In April 2021, the French National Assembly voted to approve the Macron government’s “global security” bill, which significantly expands police powers. Its centerpiece, Article 24, restricts the right of the population to film the police. It carries a maximum sentence of five years’ jail and a €75,000 fine. The law also includes other measures further strengthening the police. For the first time, it authorizes in legislation the use of drones for police surveillance, which had already been in place in practice. Drones are permitted to be used to monitor all protests. Police are to be equipped with body cameras which are to stream live video directly to headquarters.[39]

The bill includes no restrictions on the use of bodycam footage by automated facial recognition technology.

2020 Hate speech legislation

On 13 May 2020, the National Assembly passed "Lutte contre la haine sur internet" ("Fighting hate on the internet") by a margin of 355 votes in favor, 150 against, and 47 abstaining.[40] The legislation requires that social media sites operating in France be required to remove offending content within 24 hours of notification, or face an initial fine up to € 1.25 million. Continuous and repeated offenses could lead to fines up to 4% of global revenue.[41] Specific illegal content related to child pornography and terrorism is required to be removed within 1 hour of being flagged. Such providers can prematurely remove content before it is flagged as well without penalty. In addition to these provision, additional regulations related to hate speech, including requiring service providers to block access to sites that mirror whole or in part sites with hate speech content. The law is similar to Germany's Network Enforcement Act, which was passed in 2017. While the EU had asked France to hold off on passage of the laws until it had completed the Union's own Digital Services Act, France had gone forward with their own version due to their stronger laws against hate speech.[42]

The regulation raised consider about the potential for misuse to censor valid criticism and commentary of topics that are related to those deemed illegal, and thus used as a politic tool.[42][43] La Quadrature du Net stated that previous laws allowing French police to ask for the removal of terrorist content had already been abused to censor political content, even prior to the new regulation.[41]

Covid deep event

In January 2022, spokesperson Gabriel Attal said what the government intended in the time after Covid:

We want to continue redefining our social contract, with duties that come before rights, from respect for authority to social benefits[44]

His government warns they will "make life shit for" the unvacinated.[45]

Trump Blackmail

In August 2022, following tips of former disgruntled staffers, the FBI raided President Donald Trump's residence in Florida suspecting Trump to have stored secret documents there. FBI agents found dozens of document folders marked “CLASSIFIED” during the raid.[46] Another 42 empty folders marked “Return to Staff Secretary/Miliary [sic] Aide". According to CNBC, 10000 more documents were thus not recovered, with the FBI suspecting Trump has hidden them somewhere.[47] Several media sources began reporting that Trump was keeping documents, and plain intelligence reports for blackmail purposes, naming Emmanuel Macron as an example Trump named.[48]

[[Display born on::21 December 1977| ]] 

Appointments by Emmanuel Macron

Gabriel AttalFrench Government Spokesperson6 July 202020 May 2022
Jean CastexFrance/Prime Minister3 July 202016 May 2022
Amélie de MontchalinFrance/Minister/State for European Affairs27 March 20196 July 2020
Amélie de MontchalinFrance/Minister of Public Transformation and Service6 July 20204 July 2022


Related Quotation

WEF/Young Global Leaders/2016“Yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau, and I know that half of this cabinet, or even more, are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum...It's [also] true in Argentina and in France now with the President a Young Global Leader.”Klaus Schwab2017


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/201429 May 20141 June 2014Denmark
Marriott Hotel
The 62nd Bilderberg, with 136 guests, held in Copenhagen
Munich Security Conference/202014 February 202016 February 2020Germany
The 56th Munich Security Conference, in 2020, "welcomed an unprecedented number of high-ranking international decision-makers."
Munich Security Conference/202317 February 202319 February 2023Germany
Annual conference of mid-level functionaries from the military-industrial complex - politicians, propagandists and lobbyists. The real decisions are made by deep politicians behind the scenes, elsewhere.
WEF/Annual Meeting/201422 January 201425 January 2014World Economic Forum
2604 guests in Davos considered "Reshaping The World"
WEF/Annual Meeting/201620 January 201623 January 2016World Economic Forum
Attended by over 2500 people, both leaders and followers, who were explained how the Fourth Industrial Revolution would changed everything, including being a "revolution of values".
WEF/Annual Meeting/201823 January 201826 January 2018Switzerland~2200 of the super-rich meet to talk about "Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World"


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