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Group.png University College London  
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MottoCuncti adsint meritaeque expectent praemia palmae
Parent organizationUniversity of London
HeadquartersLondon, UK
TypePublic research university
SubgroupsConstitution Unit
Sponsor ofThe Vaccine Confidence Project
Sponsored byBill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ClimateWorks, Hewlett Foundation
Importan deep state milieu. Many deep state operatives have attended or worked there, producing for example rigged science.

University College London, officially known as UCL since 2005, is a public research university located in London. It is the third largest university in the United Kingdom by total enrollment, and the largest by postgraduate enrollment. It is a major deep state milieu.


UCL is a member of numerous academic organizations, including the Russell Group and the League of European Research Universities, and is part of UCL Partners, the world's largest academic health science centre, and the "golden triangle" of research-intensive English universities.

UCL is a major center for biomedical research. It produced the highest number of highly cited publications of any institution, with 12,672 (compared to second-placed Oxford University with 9,952).


In 2016, UCL had a total income (excluding share of joint ventures) of £1.36 billion (2014/15 – £1.26 billion) and a total expenditure of £1.23 billion.

Key sources of income included £530.4 million from research grants and contracts, £421.1 million from tuition fees and education contracts, £192.1 million from funding body grants and £25.1 million from donations and endowments. At year end UCL had endowments of £100.9 million and total net assets of £1.19 billion.

In 2014/15, UCL had the third-highest total income of any British university (after the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford), and the third-highest income from research grants and contracts (after the University of Oxford and Imperial College London). For the 2015/16 academic year, UCL was allocated a total of £171.37 million for teaching and research from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), the highest amount allocated to any English university, of which £39.76 million is for teaching and £131.61 million is for research.

UCL launched a 10-year, £300 million fundraising appeal in October 2004, at the time the largest appeal target set by a university in the United Kingdom. UCL launched a new £600 million fundraising campaign in September 2016 titled "It's All Academic – The Campaign for UCL".

In April 2016, UCL signed a £280 million 30-year loan with the European Investment Bank, the largest loan ever borrowed by a UK university and largest ever loan by the EIB to a university.

UCL has significant commercial activities and in 2014/15 these generated around £155 million in revenues. UCL's principal commercial activities. UCL has also participated in a number of commercial joint ventures, including EuroTempest Ltd and Imanova Ltd (now part of Invicro)


Employee on Wikispooks

A.J. AyerProfessor of the Philosophy of Mind and Logic19461959Also spook



Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationVery influential and rich foundation established to take leadership of global health.
ClimateWorksLarge funder of projects intended to steer public opinion and take control over all government policy under the pretext of fighting climate change. Part of "a blob" of similar very wealthy interconnected foundations with opaque structures. Backers include Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg.
Hewlett FoundationHuge foundation setting the agenda by funding lots of deep state projects.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab22 December 1986EngineerThe Underwear bomber
Despina AfantouliGreeceJournalist
Refaat Alareer23 September 19796 December 2023Author
Alex Allan9 February 1951UKCivil servant
Eleni Antoniadou1988GreeceFraudsterDeep state-connected greek
Nicholas Paul Astbury1971UKDiplomatBritish diplomat who has worked in several areas of interest to the deep state (drugs, regime changes etc).
Samantha de BendernNovember 1965UKJournalist
Deep state operative
UK deep state-connected polyglot "international civil servant" with a masters degree in Wealth Management, fellow of the Institute for Statecraft, associate fellow of Chatham House
William Wedgwood Benn10 May 187717 November 1960PoliticianBritish Liberal politician who later joined the Labour Party. RAF officer and Secretary of State for India.
Henry Birchenough7 March 185312 May 1937UKDeep state operative
UK deep state operative
Nigel BlackwoodUKSpook
Reader in Forensic Psychiatry at King’s College London. Expert witness for the US prosecution in the Julian Assange extradition case.
Ranjeet BrarJuly 1974Author
Activist speaking against and writing about Zionism
Deborah Bronnert31 January 1967UKDiplomatUK diplomat with responsibilities in countries targeted for regime change
Victor Chu1960Financier
Hong Kong-based businessman and deep state actor. GLT 1998, Chatham house governor, WEF Trustee, Atlantic Council..
Thérèse Coffey18 November 1971UKPoliticianThe UK’s new cigar-smoking Health Secretary<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Elma Dangerfield11 October 190722 January 2006Author
British journalist and Liberal Party politician. She also was an intelligence operative during and after World War 2, working especially with Eastern European exiles.
Ken Follett5 June 1949UKAuthorBritish thriller writer.
Thayne Forbes28 June 1938JudgeBritish judge and former officer who concluded that there was no truth behind allegations that UK soldiers had murdered, tortured and otherwise ill-treated detainees in Iraq in 2004
Alan FreemanEconomist
Mahatma Gandhi2 October 186930 January 1948IndiaAuthor
Indian non-violent revolutionary sage
Peter Goldsmith5 January 1950Lawyer
Rodrigo Pérez-Alonso González3 June 1978MexicoPoliticianMexican Green politician with interest in digital transformation
Arnold Goodman21 August 191312 May 1995UKLawyer
Deep state operative
A sinister "power behind the throne" exerting huge influence on the British establishment.
Stephen Haseler9 January 194220 July 2017AcademicRight wing of the UK Labour Party, then the Social Democratic Party. Same political interests as certain US agencies.
Demis Hassabis27 July 1976UKGames playerDialled into a SAGE meeting at the request of Dominic Cummings. First Bilderberg in 2015
Chaim Herzog17 September 191817 April 1997Spook
Brynmor John18 April 193413 December 1988UKPoliticianBritish Labour politician who in 1977 falsely stated that there was no evidence that the UK government had given a grant to the Paedophile Information Exchange.
Melanie Johnson5 February 1955UKLeft her post as UK Minister for Public Health in May 2005, and in March 2006 joined the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.
David Jones22 March 1952PoliticianWelsh Conservative MP; former minister
John Killick18 November 191912 February 2004Diplomat
Deep state operative
Spooky UK diplomat
Nicholas Kollerstrom13 December 1946UKAuthor
English writer and historian of science who has written extensively on false flag attacks
Walter Layton15 March 188414 February 1966UKPolitician
Deep state operative
The Economist/Editor 1922-38, The Economist/Chair 1944-63
John Lewis1940UKDeep politician
Alex Lyon15 October 193130 September 1993Politician
Fiona Mactaggart12 September 1953UKPolitician
Alison McGovern30 December 1980British Labour Party politician
Tom McNally20 February 1943UKPolitician
Susan Michie19 June 1955UKScientistCOVID 19 scientist. A promoter of the harshest of lockdown measures.
Amanda Milling12 March 1975Politician
Stan Newens4 February 1930Politician
Kwame Nkrumah21 September 190927 April 1972Politician
Jesse Norman23 June 1962Politician
George Papadopoulos19 August 1987Greece
Special Adviser
A foreign policy advisor to Donald Trump.
Dan RosenfieldMay 1977UKSpook
Civil servant
Spooky Downing Street Chief of Staff under Boris Johnson, with strong Israeli ties.
Jacek Rostowski30 April 1951Poland
Daniel Russel12 December 1953Diplomat
While working at the White House, he was a major figure in the Obama administration's "pivot towards Asia" strategy
Leonard Schapiro22 April 19082 November 1983Propagandist
"Inner-circle" British Cold War propagandist.
Patricia Scotland19 August 1955Politician
Robin Shepherd6 January 1968UKSpookFormer Moscow Bureau Chief for The Times now working for intelligence think tanks.
Charles Tannock25 September 1957PoliticianA member of the European Parliament
Jenny Tonge19 February 1941UK politician. Long-standing critic of Israel and vocal supporter Palestinians, which led to the predictable accusations of antisemitism and to her eventual suspension from the Liberal Democrat group in the Lords in 2012
... further results
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