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HeadquartersBrewer's Green, London
LeaderLeader of the Labour Party
Typepolitical party
Interest ofLabour Against The Witchhunt, Euan Philipps
Founder ofLabour Next Generation/2021 and 2022, Labour Party/Future Candidates Programme/2021 to 2022
SubpageLabour Party/Conference
A UK political party which appears to have a leader independent of the establishment

The Labour Party is one of the established UK mainstream political parties.

From 2015 to the General Election of 2019 the Party was the fastest growing political party in the United Kingdom with a membership exceeding 515,000 and a leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who appeared to be more or less independent of the UK deep state.

Sir Keir Starmer who was elected Leader of the Labour Party on 4 April 2020 is a member of the Trilateral Commission which is "said to be the Bilderberg group dressed in another frock"[1]

Leaked internal report on antisemitism

In early April 2020, an internal report on antisemitism by the Party's Governance and Legal Unit, covering the period between the election of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership and the general election of 2019, was leaked. It confirms that throughout the period, the party was inundated with complaints of antisemitism. In the report conclusions on page 843, it also states: "in 2019, half of all complaints and one third of investigated cases came from just one individual". The individual is named on page 401 as "Euan Philipps" who is described as "...often rude and abusive".

2015 leadership election

Ed Miliband's resignation after the 2015 General Election defeat prompted Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Jeremy Corbyn and Liz Kendall to stand as candidates to succeed him as Labour party leader.[2] Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader of the Labour Party in September 2015 with 59.5% of the vote.

2016 leadership election

Jeremy Corbyn was subject to significant opposition from the Parliamentary Labour Party (for example, Hilary Benn, his Shadow Foreign Secretary expressed no confidence in him, and over 20 members of the shadow cabinet resigned) which prompted a leadership challenge from Owen Smith.[3] However, Corbyn increased his margin of victory and was re-elected on 24 September 2016 with 61.8% of the vote.

2020 leadership election

The 2020 leadership election was triggered after Jeremy Corbyn said that he intended to resign following the party's poor results in the UK/2019 General Election. The contest was held alongside a deputy leadership election.

The results were announced on 4 April 2020.[4] The Labour Party tweeted:

Congratulations to @Keir Starmer, the new Leader of the Labour Party![5]
Congratulations to @Angela Rayner, the new Deputy Leader of the Labour Party![6]

Post Corbyn

It's all about the greater good, the greater good.

The future of the Labour Party is emulated by the Labour Party/Future Candidates Programme/2021 to 2022.

The Labour Party conference voted for candidate shortlists to be decided by three CLP representatives, one NEC rep and one REC rep. But the shortlist in October 2021 for the Future Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election was decided by three NEC reps, one CLP rep and one REC rep. This demonstrated the centralisation of the party under Keir Starmer.[7]

  • CLP - Constituency Labour Party
  • NEC - National Executive Committee
  • REC - Regional Executive Committee

Membership Resignation Form

Individuals wishing to cancel their Labour Party membership may do so by filling in a Membership Resignation Form here.[8]



An Office Holder on Wikispooks

Catherine West200410 October 2013


A Document by Labour Party

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:Labour internal antisemitism report.pdfreportMarch 2020"Antisemitism"
Iain McNicol
Emilie Oldknow
Sam Matthews
An enormous (851 pages) report of an internal UK Labour Party investigation into alleged antisemitism in the Party between 2014 and 2019.


Related Quotations

Jacob Rees-MoggMasks are worn more by socialists when there are television cameras around than when they are not going to be seen.”Jacob Rees-Mogg21 October 2021
Marjorie Thompson“Another Labour figure who has had an experience with the BAP is Emma Dent Coad who was the party’s first ever MP for Kensington, serving from 2017-19, and is now leader of the Labour Group on the borough’s council. 

She told Declassified that a friend who was a senior official in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) tried to recruit her to the BAP in the 1980s. Coad later found out this person “worked with the CIA”.  At the time, the US government had, according to an official memo leaked to the Washington Post, initiated a "propaganda exercise in Britain, aimed at neutralising the efforts of CND".

“In the late 80s, I was a journalist working in design and architecture and very busy at the time, travelling around a lot and writing for various magazines,” Coad told us. “At the time, a local friend who was senior in CND started talking to me about this project that she was involved in." "She basically said that if I was able to go to Washington and give a talk about the work I was doing, I’d have a lovely dinner, it would all be paid for, and then I’d be part of this international group who were just trying to improve life," Coad added. “Then I would be part of that group forever and I’d be invited to things periodically, and it would give me a really good profile."

Coad thought about it and discussed it with her then husband. "But I just felt there was something a bit smelly about it frankly,” she says. “It didn’t ring true, something so generous just for me being there, so I politely declined." 

“Later I found out what the British-American Project was all about," she adds. “Then I found out a couple of years later that this friend – who had by then moved out of the area and I’d lost contact with her – worked with the CIA, and I was absolutely appalled."

Coad says she was good friends with the husband of the alleged CIA operative, and that he told her she was working for the agency as soon as he found out. 

"There was something not quite right. I was just a jobbing journalist really, in a faintly glamorous environment, why would I be of interest to this international group?"

But Coad can understand why she was a target. "I’ve always been a socialist, I always had those values from school,” she says. “I was political at college, at university, I had roles in the unions, I’d always been political. So clearly she knew that."

She adds: “I started writing a book on Spanish design architecture, so I was busy, and I think my stock was rising at the time. The recruiter was very prominent in CND, which I supported.”

After Coad was told about the CIA connection "it began to drop into place," she says. Coad then looked up the recruiter who had moved on from CND to PR firm Saatchi & Saatchi, which has funded the BAP. 

“I thought, ‘that’s interesting, a bit of a leap from what they were doing before’. I thought it was very strange that they would go from CND to working for a right-wing advertising agency, so it rang true, and I believed it.””
Emma Dent Coad
Matt Kennard
Marjorie Thompson
Gareth Williams (politician)“The Labour party has too often lost major figures at the peak of their careers – from Hugh Gaitskell and Tony Crosland to John Smith and Donald Dewar.”Gareth Williams (politician)2013


Employees on Wikispooks

Johanna BaxterCLP Representative on the National Executive CommitteeNovember 2010October 2016
Johanna BaxterCLP Representative on the National Executive CommitteeApril 2020
Johanna BaxterCLP Representative on the Scottish Executive CommitteeFebruary 2017
Margaret BeckettChair of the National Executive Committee24 November 2020
Matthew DoyleDirector of Communications23 June 2021
Matthew DoyleHead of Press and BroadcastingNovember 1998June 2005
David EvansAssistant General SecretaryFebruary 1999October 2001
David EvansNorth West Regional Director19951999
Jennie FormbyGeneral Secretary of the Labour Party20 March 20184 May 2020
Ruth ListerLeaked Labour Report Inquiry Panel1 May 2020
Sam MatthewsHead of Disputes, GLU20162018
Morgan McSweeneyCampaign OrganiserJune 2001May 2006
Morgan McSweeneyKeir Starmer's Chief of StaffApril 202019 June 2021
John McTernanLeader's Chief of Staff20142015
John McTernanSpecial Adviser19972010
Seumas MilneExecutive Director of Strategy and Communications26 October 20154 April 2020
Ben NunnDirector of Communications4 April 202018 June 2021
Emilie OldknowEast Midlands Regional Director2008March 2012
Emilie OldknowExecutive Director for Governance, Membership and Party ServicesMarch 2012June 2018
Teddy RyanRegional DirectorOctober 2021
Cameron ScottRegional Director, East of EnglandJune 2015March 2018
Cameron ScottHead of Campaigns & Organisation, ScotlandFebruary 2015June 2015
Cameron ScottKey Seat Strategy ManagerMay 2011February 2015
Christine ShawcroftMember, National Executive Committee2002
Christine ShawcroftChair, NEC Disputes Panel16 January 2018
Andrew ShonfieldDirector of Studies19611968Attended Bilderberg/1968.Later Trilateral Commission, Director of RUSI.
Larry WhittyGeneral Secretary of the Labour Party19851994
Larry WhittyLeaked Labour Report Inquiry Panel1 May 2020
Debbie WilcoxLeaked Labour Report Inquiry Panel1 May 2020


Party Members

Diane Abbott27 September 1953UK politician, close ally of Jeremy Corbyn
Andrew Adonis22 February 1963Labour party politician and Bilderberger. Vice Chairman of the European Movement (UK)
Bob Ainsworth19 June 1952Labour MP, Secretary of State for Defence under Gordon Brown
Rushanara Ali14 March 1975UK Labour MP on the executive committee of the British-American Project.
Rosena Allin-KhanBritish Member of Parliament from the Labour Party.
Valerie Amos13 March 1954British Labour politician
Dave Anderson2 December 1953Former Labour MP
Joe Anderson24 January 1958Mayor of Liverpool (2012 to 2021)
Lee Anderson6 January 1967
Peter Archer20 November 192614 June 2012
Jacinda Ardern26 July 1980New Zealand PM quickly feted by the rich and powerful around the world after her 2017 election. Worked for Tony Blair. Responsible for sealing off New Zealand during Covid-19.
Hilary Armstrong30 November 1945
Catherine Ashton20 March 1956A woman with zero qualification or experience of foreign affairs who, in 2009, was made 'High representative for Foreign Affairs and Security policy' in a deal which finally recognised that the position was NOT going to be given to Tony Blair
Clement Attlee3 January 18838 October 1967
A.J. Ayer29 October 191027 June 1989British spook and later Oxford professor
Willy Bach25 December 1946Minister of State for Defence Procurement, a position connected to the deep state, 2001-2005.
Ed Balls25 February 1967UK politician. 7 Bilderbergs
Harry Barnes22 July 1936
Joel Barnett14 October 19231 November 2014British Labour Party politician.
Hugh Bayley9 January 1952UK politician
John Beckett
Margaret Beckett15 January 1943UK foreign secretary, Le Cercle attendee
Relus ter Beek18 January 194429 September 2008Single Bilderberg Dutch Minister of Defence
Hilary Benn26 November 1953Warmongering son of the great peace and social justice activist Tony Benn, proving that the apple sometimes land far from the tree.
Tony Benn3 April 192514 March 2014Socialist MP for UK Labour Party
John Bercow19 January 1963
Aneurin Bevan15 November 18976 July 1960
Ernest Bevin9 March 188114 April 1951
Lester Bird21 February 19389 August 20212nd Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.
Tony Blair6 May 1953Remarkably popular at the time, Tony Blair was a UK prime minister, now infamous for lying the UK into invading Iraq, notwithstanding massive opposition. He is currently sought for War crimes by many people.
Hazel Blears14 May 1956British Labour MP
David Blunkett6 June 1947
Paul Boateng14 June 1951
Brian Bostock19497 June 2021
Herbert Bowden20 January 190530 April 1994
Colin Boyd7 June 1953Scottish judge who has been a Senator of the College of Justice since June 2012.
Alfred Broughton18 October 19022 April 1979The one missing MP vote that brought down the James Callaghan government in 1979, and led to Margaret Thatcher becoming Prime Minister
George Brown2 September 19142 June 1985Double Bilderberger UK politician
Gordon Brown20 February 1951UK deep state functionary. Prime Minister from 2007-2010. WHO ambassador for Global Health Financing from 2021
Lyn Brown13 April 1960Shadow Home Secretary under Jeremy Corbyn
Mark Malloch Brown16 September 1953George Soros-protegé
Des Browne22 March 1952Bought nuclear missiles as UK Secretary of State for Defence, campaigns for nuclear disarmament after leaving power.
Gro Harlem Brundtland20 April 1939Deep state/WHO connected Prime Minister/DG, concerned about "too much freedom of speech"
Chris Bryant11 January 1962Private school-educated Labour MP for Rhondda
Andy Burnham7 January 1970British Labour Party politician and Mayor of Greater Manchester since 2017.
Stephen Byers13 April 1953
Liam Byrne2 October 1970
Vince Cable9 May 1943Retired British politician
Richard Caborn6 October 1943
David Cairns7 August 19669 May 2011
... further results


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TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:A Moment in Historyblog post26 June 2019Craig MurrayIt is ESSENTIAL that every Labour Party member reading this blog acts NOW to try to get rid of those dreadful Blairite MPs. If you do not act, the historic moment will be missed and the chance to move England and Wales away from neoliberalism may be permanently surrendered.
Document:A Plague for the Proletariatarticle15 June 2014Tobias LangdonScathingly accurate insights into what the UK Labour Party has become
Document:Anatomy of a Scandal: Israel Crucifies CorbynArticle14 August 2014Michael W. Howard"Tom Watson has it backward: the 'eternal shame and embarrassment' come when Labour, swallowing whatever pride it has left, meekly submits to being harassed and blackmailed by a foreign power and its vulgar propagandists. Jeremy Corbyn, it seems, is gearing up to do just that. Chalk one up for Goebbels."
Document:BBC Panorama Investigation Into Labour Antisemitism Omitted Key Evidence and Parts of Labour’s ResponseArticle22 July 2020Justin SchlosbergThe fact that the Labour Party is now settling libel cases brought by both John Ware and the Labour 'whistleblowers' is remarkable, not least because there is meant to be an ongoing internal inquiry into the leaked internal report, whose findings have now effectively been prejudged. But I’ve been told this will cost the party close to half a million in damages and costs.
Document:Bristol West CLP condemns suspension of CorbynArticle10 November 2020SKWAWKBOXLabour’s hierarchy has banned CLPs from debating or voting on Corbyn’s suspension or the EHRC report and some Regional Directors have blocked attempts to do so. It seems Bristol West members hold their democracy and their former party leader in too high a regard to toe the line.
Document:Cognitive Dissidents?Article27 May 2019Alun SmithI voted remain but I would happily leave under a Corbyn government with a deal that protects our rights and our jobs. Isn't that the sensible thing to do now? Isn't that the compromise that can bring us all together again?
Document:Dear Tom, about this Trotsky thing…..article11 August 2016Jeff GouldingTom Watson, Corbyn’s deputy, has launched an astonishing and utterly ridiculous attack on his leader’s supporters. In it he claimed that “Trotskyists are twisting the arms of young Labour members”.
Document:Did Corbyn leak the Labour GE2017 manifestoArticle11 May 2017SKWAWKBOXDid Jeremy Corbyn or another member of Labour's senior leadership team leak the draft manifesto as a political masterstroke?
Document:EHRC avoids response to QC’s submission that Labour investigation breaches Equality ActArticle3 August 2019Jewish Voice for Labour's submission to the Equality and Human Rights Commission points out that many of the worst aspects took place under the tenure of former general secretary Iain McNicol, while significant improvements have been made under his successor Jennie Formby.
Document:EHRC discredits itself again even as it settles with Livingstone and Bromleyblog post15 September 2023EditorPam Bromley and Ken Livingstone said: “Rather than fighting this case for potentially another year or more, we believe we need to refocus our resources on tackling the Israel lobby’s current efforts to stifle pro-Palestine speech in schools, universities and other sectors.”
Document:Former Labour leader honoured by Palestinian ForumArticle19 December 2021Steve WalkerJeremy Corbyn receives award for ‘remarkable efforts’ to support Palestinians against oppression
Document:How CIA Money Took the Teeth Out of Socialismbook extractMay 1988Richard Fletcher (Author)
Document:Is The BBC Anti-Labour?ReportDecember 2019Paddy FrenchPaddy French's antidote to John Ware's Panorama programme "Is Labour Anti-Semitic?"
Document:Jeremy Corbyn’s Coventry speech on Brexit in fullSpeech26 February 2018Jeremy Corbyn"So I appeal to MPs of all parties, prepared to put the people’s interests before ideological fantasies, to join us in supporting the option of a new UK customs union with the EU, that would give us a say in future trade deals."
Document:Jeremy Corbyn’s Opponents Burned the House Down to Stop Him - Now Keir Starmer Is King of the AshesArticle25 July 2020Daniel FinnBy sacking Rebecca Long-Bailey on a trumped-up pretext, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer has set the seal on a drastic shift to the right for the Labour Party. That shift comes just as the key arguments by Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents to justify a break with his left leadership have been falling apart in the face of overwhelming evidence.
Document:Jewish Money And The Labour Partyarticle11 April 2016Gilad AtzmonThe Labour party is evidently dependent on the shekel pipeline. The numbers reveal why Labour has been hijacked by Jewish interests. Whether or not we like it, our leading opposition party is a hostage begging for the mercy of few wealthy Jews.
Document:Labour & ‘anti-Semitism’: Real goal of establishment smear campaign is to deny socialists powerArticle23 April 2019Ken LivingstoneAfter three years of screaming headlines, the truth about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is finally revealed: just 0.08 percent of Labour’s half-a-million members have said or tweeted something anti-Semitic
Document:Labour costs pass £500,000 in hearing over leaked antisemitism reportArticle31 August 2023Aletha Adu"Much of the Labour Party machinery from 2015-18 was openly opposed to Jeremy Corbyn, and worked to directly undermine the elected leadership of the party...from winning elections to building a functioning complaints and disciplinary process" – Summary of leaked internal report (page 29).
Document:Labour councillor demands refund from party after leaked report exposed sabotage of CorbynArticle16 April 2020Lamiat SabinSarah-Jane McDonough's demand for a refund came after Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey claimed that attempts by the "Senior Management Team" to sabotage Labour’s chances in the UK/2017 General Election could have broken electoral law.
Document:Labour drops plans to stand at next general electionArticle9 February 2024The Daily MashThe Daily Mash, a satirical website reported today: “People like me have been saying Labour needed to appeal to Tory supporters for years. Now they’ve done it I’m going to vote Reform because I am a typical f**kwit British voter,” said Charlotte Phelps of Reading.
Document:Labour has ignored its voters – it is now paying the priceArticle24 June 2021Paddy HannamGeorge Galloway speaks to Spiked Online about the problems faced by the Labour Party, and his campaign in the 2021 Batley and Spen by-election
Document:Labour left breaks with Jeremy Corbyn over sending weapons to UkraineArticle26 February 2023Toby HelmThe far left wing of the Labour Party has split from Jeremy Corbyn on the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
Document:Labour: The Way Aheadarticle31 July 2016Paul MasonIf Jeremy Corbyn wins on 24 September 2016, we should say to his opponents inside the Parliamentary Labour Party: end the passive resistance. We have something that neither Brown nor Miliband ever had, and which Blairism lost ten years ago. A story that makes sense, a strategy that can win, an unprecedented mass membership; and a leader who, in the face of intense pressure, gets stronger.
Document:Losing the Plot: reflections on the Gaza debate debacleArticle24 February 2024John S WarrenIt wasn’t the Nasty Nats that lost the plot. It was the Labour Party, and the Speaker. I trust they have now lost Scotland.
Document:Manufacturing consent on "antisemitism"article20 October 2016Tony GreensteinJeremy Corbyn's Labour party is the target throughout this ill-conceived, politically tendentious and risible Home Affairs Select Committee report entitled "Antisemitism in the UK". The presumption of innocence has been abandoned by lawyer Chuka Umunna and his Tory friends.
Document:My Millbankarticle18 April 1996Seumas MilneJeremy Corbyn's Strategy & Communications Director, Seumus Milne, gives a 20-year-old perspective to the current Labour Party leadership crisis
Document:Shooting to kill Corbyn - the coup is onArticle18 November 2015Oliver TickellPublished over six months before the attempted Corbyn coup actually started - prescient or what?
Document:Starmer’s Mortal Wound On The Soul Of The Labour Partyblog post30 October 2020Rachael SwindonStarmer clearly believes he has now firmly established his own political identity and laid the foundations for the transformation of Labour’s electoral prospects – in the mould of Kinnock and Blair. It may be that he has simply destroyed his reputation for moral and intellectual integrity – and inflicted a mortal wound on the soul of his party.
Document:That Leaked Labour Party Reportblog post20 April 2020Craig MurrayThat Leaked Labour Party Report proves conclusively that Sam Matthews’ allegations of unwarranted interference from Corbyn’s office to block anti-semitism action are malicious lies.
Document:The Forde Report is what it isn’tArticle24 July 2022Michael RosenSo…why the silence? Why isn’t the Forde Report all over the comment shows? Why aren’t all the relevant people being quizzed? Why aren’t there on-air discussions and rows going on between the opposing parties (and/or supporters)?
Document:The Labour Party turns on the Israel Lobbyarticle19 August 2015Francis Carr BegbieA useful analysis of the paranoia of the Jewish-dominated British Establishment and its media at the prospect of the Labour Party being led by someone who is not 'de-rigeur' subservient to the Israel Lobby
Document:The Origins of Labour’s Civil WarEssay21 July 2016W. Stephen Gilbert"The greatest difficulty that the anti-Corbyn MPs, the media and the Tories all share is a fact that they simply cannot stomach: Jeremy Corbyn is the most popular politician in Britain."
Document:The Stomach-Churning Victim Blaming by “Labour Friends of Israel”blog post14 May 2018Craig MurrayCraig Murray: "I do not know what institutional ties the “Labour Friends of Israel” has to the Labour Party, but whatever they are they should be cut off immediately."
Document:The Zombie ApocalypseArticle4 December 2021Gordon LiddleAnd then to look at the election of Sir Rodney Woodentop and one has to ask oneself:
"Do I want him as a PM, who panders to the status quo to be elected, in order to allow the status quo to continue?"
Document:The shortcomings of the EHRC ReportStatement6 November 2020Jewish Voice for LabourThere are just 12 mentions of Jeremy Corbyn in the EHRC report, of which only two concern actions taken by him. It is reprehensible not to distinguish between actions taken by individuals supportive of Corbyn and those taken by people hostile to him – such an omission leads to the impression that all failings were Corbyn’s responsibility.
Document:There is no future for Labour in bureaucratic centrismArticle11 November 2020Ian LaveryWhilst many in the media and party establishments are keen to turn back the clock to the bureaucratic centrism, progressives energised on both sides of the Atlantic, whether by Corbyn or Sanders, will define our future politics.
Document:This largely pointless EHRC investigation has been welcomed by LabourArticle28 May 2019John Spannyard Indaworks"The upside of all this is that it may well lay to rest the continual Zionist refrain that Labour and Corbyn are an anti-Semitic party. What it is unlikely to do in my view is derail the Corbyn McDonnell project - it's just a bump in that particular road."
Document:UK Labour Party is right to drop racist IHRA guidelines of anti-SemitismArticle6 August 2018The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Anti-Semitism definition guidelines the Labour Party are correctly omitting, are designed by Israeli propagandists to aid their many mass lobby attempts to stop international solidarity with the Palestinians and to deny Palestinians the right to express the nature of Israel’s 70 years of violence and racism towards them.
Document:UK Labour party teeters on brink of civil war over antisemitismArticle27 July 2020Jonathan CookLabour Party member Mark Howell is suing former General Secretary Iain McNicol for “breach of contract” and is demanding that those named in the leaked report be expelled from the party (see "Mark Howell for Justice":
Document:Unfit for LabourInterview11 April 2016Gilad AtzmonGilad Atzmon interviews Palestinian activist about Anti-semitism and her expulsion from the UK Labour Party.
Document:We condemn the suspension of Jo Bird and the appointment of Lord FalconerArticle4 March 2019As Ken Loach said: “If it looks like a witch hunt and behaves like a witch hunt – it may well be just that. This is intolerable and must end now.”
Document:What could go wrong for Keir Starmer? A lot actually, Laura Kuenssberg writesArticle11 May 2024Laura KuenssbergFollowing the May 2024 local elections Keir Starmer looks highly likely to be the next Prime Minister, but his future it is in doubt.
Document:Whatever happened to ‘due process’?Article21 November 2020Hilary WiseStarmer’s reaction suggests he will continue to pursue a course which he somehow sees as politically expedient. History tells us it risks leading the party into the most dangerous kind of authoritarianism.
Document:With Panorama's hatchet job on Labour antisemitism, BBC has become pro-Tory mediaArticle11 July 2019Jonathan CookThe question is why did the BBC’s flagship political investigations show decide that the marginal problem of racism in Labour was a much more urgent matter than the provable and significant racism in the Conservative Party?
Document:Zarah Sultana could face re-selection as a Labour candidateArticle11 November staffAt 5:56pm on 6 December 2021, Zarah Sultana tweeted: "I've submitted my application to be re-selected as the Labour MP for Coventry South. Determined to beat the Tories at the next general election!"


A document sourced from Labour Party

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:We've got news for the billionaire, tax exile press barons: Change is comingVideoRupert Murdoch
Jonathan Harmsworth
Richard Desmond
Barclay brothers
20 February 2018Jeremy CorbynWe've got news for the billionaire, tax exile press barons: Change is coming
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