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Started: 2007
Founders: Mike Small, Kevin Williamson

In its own words:
"We believe that renewing, reclaiming and re-imagining the media is a key part of the democratic revolution that’s taking hold in Scotland and beyond."
Constitutes: independent media

Main focus: Scotland

Bella Caledonia is named after a character in Alasdair Gray’s "Poor Things" (1992) and was formed in 2007 by Mike Small and Kevin Williamson as an online magazine combining political and cultural commentary:

"We’re not aligned to any one political party but believe in self-determination for Scotland. Only then will a country disfigured by poverty and inequality be re-born. Only independence can bring democracy. The British State is irredeemable."[1]


Documents sourced from Bella Caledonia

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:5G Trade Wars: the US Empire Strikes BackArticleHuawei
US-China trade war
16 May 2019George KerevanThe global 5G marketplace in the control of private monopoly capitalism will result in something akin to Orwell’s 1984 nightmare. That will turn every man, woman and child on the planet into a consumer automaton monitored continuously by big business.
Document:A Devastating Indictment of Israel’s War on GazaArticleIsrael
Israeli–Palestinian conflict
South Africa
International Court of Justice
Occupied Palestinian Territory
2023-2024 Israel-Hamas War
11 January 2024Mike Small
Roshdi Sarraj
Document:Black Cube, the "Mossad" of Commercial SpyingArticleMossad
Black Cube
Michael Drury
28 February 2019George KerevanMichael Drury, the former legal head of GCHQ, has set up in practice defending Russian oligarchs and bankers being chased by the main UK bank regulator (FCA) and the Serious Fraud Office: I wonder what he does for Black Cube?
Document:Boris Johnson in Downing Street for five years: what could possibly go wrong?ArticleAusterity
Boris Johnson
Dominic Cummings
30 December 2019John S WarrenAll the cards are held by Boris Johnson because he has the answer to all the problems facing Britain. Save, perhaps, one: what could possibly go wrong for the Conservative-Brexit Government?
Document:How to Keep Going During the Next Energy CrisisArticleMargaret Thatcher
Chris Edwards
Richard Seymour
25 September 2021Mike SmallThe social chaos unwinding on your forecourts and timelines is the long-term consequence of decades of privatisation, core industries run for profiteering with no thinking about the socio-ecological consequence. As people face mass fuel poverty, the dark irony is that all of these “British” institutions were sold off by the Tories, now desperate to defend the very concept of Britishness they’ve sold.
Document:Labour Built the BombArticleClement Attlee
Jeremy Corbyn
Donald Trump
Trident nuclear programme
Nuclear weapon
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty
Beatrice Fihn
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
10 July 2017Bill RamsayThe prompt for this short essay is not Labour's nuclear legacy: it is what took place in the UN General Assembly last Friday when the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty passed into international law.
Document:Losing the Plot: reflections on the Gaza debate debacleArticleLabour Friends of Israel
Labour Party
Keir Starmer
Scottish National Party
Lindsay Hoyle
24 February 2024John S WarrenIt wasn’t the Nasty Nats that lost the plot. It was the Labour Party, and the Speaker. I trust they have now lost Scotland.
Document:Meeting the Gaze of the Ghost in the RubbleArticleGaza
Keir Starmer
Lindsay Hoyle
Rishi Sunak
East Jerusalem
2023-2024 Israel-Hamas War
28 February 2024George GunnMeanwhile the ghost still looks out from the rubble of Gaza. Her stare searches across the ocean of our conscience like the beam of a lighthouse. The ghost in the rubble asks of us all: why can we not stop this madness and feed the people?
Document:Nothing has ChangedArticleTheresa May
Winston Churchill
Tiny Rowland
Joseph Ball
Priti Patel
10 November 2017John WarrenThe ill-judged words of the present Prime Minister perhaps accidentally illuminate something important about the true character of the Conservative Party: “Nothing has Changed”.
Document:Outrage over killing of journalists is essentialArticleAnna Politkovskaya
Jamal Khashoggi
Marie Colvin
11 November 2018Muhammad Idrees AhmadAbove all we need to protect the laws and institutions which would have protected Anna Politkovskaya, Marie Colvin and Jamal Khashoggi had they been universal. We need to treat a threat to journalists anywhere as a threat to journalists everywhere.
Document:Parody Britain and the Death of the Fourth EstateArticleMichael Gove
Boris Johnson
Fourth Estate
Dominic Cummings
Rishi Sunak
Carrie Symonds
Allegra Stratton
Munira Mirza
Lee Cain
9 December 2021Mike SmallThis is a ruling elite, a governing class that comes from the same strata, shares the same education and is literally inter-married. In this context the idea that such a media can hold the powerful to account is of course laughable. The British media is incestuous and dysfunctional.
Document:Police ViolenceArticleCressida Dick
UK/Home Office/Investigatory Powers Tribunal
Sarah Everard
Spycops scandal
Wayne Couzens
Kate Wilson
Mark Kennedy
1 October 2021Mike SmallThe radical overhaul of how we view policing and law and order shouldn’t be contained within the prism of the appalling problem of male violence – but seen in the context of state violence, the repression of dissent and the growth of the surveillance state.
Document:Project BrexitCommentMichael Gove
Theresa May
Boris Johnson
David Davis
Gina Miller
European Court of Justice
Withdrawal from the European Union
Dominic Cummings
24 June 2017DavidProject Brexit: "Doomed to Failure"
Document:Rosebank: Omnicide for the PeopleArticle"Climate change"
Fossil fuel
Rosebank oil field
Ithaca Energy
28 September 2023Mike SmallRosebank is the next step in the grotesque experience we are all living through: omnicide.
Document:Sanitising the Iraq WararticleTony Blair
George W. Bush
Donald Rumsfeld
Iraq Inquiry
2003 Iraq War
6 July 2016Jonathon ShafiThe full horror of what Blair unleashed will never be truly understood in the West. And, internationally the full consequences of this war are still to be felt. As the sister of a soldier killed in Iraq said: “There is one terrorist in this world and his name is Tony Blair.”
Document:Solidarity with all protesting the imposition of an unelected KingOp-ed"Sovereign immunity"
Charles Mountbatten-Windsor
Royal prerogative
British Empire
Liz Truss
Paul Powlesland
Symon Hill
12 September 2022Radical Independence CampaignThe death of Elizabeth II means the automatic appointment, with no discussion or reflection on our future, of a King manifestly unfit to represent the modern peoples of these islands. Charles is unelected, and unelectable. He would never have been chosen in a democratic system.
Document:State Failure - the Conservative Government, Westminster and BritainArticleLibya
David Cameron
14 September 2016John S WarrenForeign Affairs Committee report says ex-PM David Cameron was responsible for appalling policy blunders in Libya that helped create a failed state on the verge of civil war. His (synchronised) resignation is all about appearances.
Document:The HSBC CabalArticleNational Crime Agency
Amber Rudd
Rona Fairhead
Lisa Osofsky
11 October 2018Nicholas WilsonHSBC paid Lisa Osofsky’s firm $200m a year to monitor the Deferred Prosecution Agreement in the US
Document:The Paradise Papers and HSBC. WhoArticleBBC
The Guardian
Theresa May
Paradise Papers
Saudi Aramco
14 November 2017Nicholas WilsonThe corruption surrounding Theresa May's seduction of Saudi Aramco to hold its stock market launch (IPO) at the London Stock Exchange next year has involved bribes, lobbying for HSBC and changing the rules by the FCA
Document:The Real Reason Theresa May’s Brexit Has FailedArticleKenneth Clarke
Theresa May
UK Independence Party
Jeremy Corbyn
Democratic Unionist Party
Jacob Rees-Mogg
European Research Group
Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive
Arron Banks
2 March 2019T. J. ColesSo, the choice faced by ordinary British people is between a neoliberal EU supported by millionaires like Kenneth Clarke or an ultra-neoliberal Brexit supported by multimillionaires like Jacob Rees-Mogg. Meanwhile, ordinary working-class people pay the price for these elite games, as usual.
Document:Track and Trace. Stay Elite.ArticleDavid Cameron
Boris Johnson
Dido Harding
Dominic Cummings
NHS Improvement
29 May 2020David BlackPoor Dido was pressed into service early by Boris and the lads when she launched her Track and Trace initiative some days ahead of its scheduled June 1st slot in a ludicrously transparent attempt to draw fire from Corporal Cummings, whose lockdown breaching escapades were causing havoc in Tory ranks.
Document:What is the Plan - the Plan is to have no PlanArticleConservative Party
2016 EU Referendum
10 July 2018John S WarrenThe Brexit political mess we are now in, and the deep divisions and rancour that have been created were foreseeable and inevitable: it is a complete, shambolic mess. And be in no doubt: a 2nd Scottish Referendum will now require only 50% + 1 vote. Nothing else is sustainable now.
Document:Where we go from here - Britain after BrexitArticleTheresa May
Jeremy Corbyn
2016 EU Referendum
28 August 2016Anthony BarnettAnalysis of the so-called "Brexit" referendum result and prognosis for the future of the UK by a "passionate European" who wants to "keep the European flame alive".
Document:Who is Sajid Javid? An everyday tale of Hedge Funds and Financial IntrigueArticleSajid Javid
Deutsche Bank
Chase Bank
Jorge Jasson
25 July 2019George KerevanSajid Javid presents himself as the upwardly mobile son of a Pakistani bus driver. In reality, he is a culpable agent of global finance capital and its hedge fund pirates. At heart, they are opposed to all forms of international financial regulation – hence their support for Brexit.
New Climate Reality, New MediaArticlePropaganda
"Climate change"
Stanley Johnson
Extinction Rebellion
10 August 2021Mike SmallCall out the worst of columnists and publications spouting writing that is clearly against the common good and against humanity’s future. A weekly prize for the worst culprits. Naming and shaming disinformation and sponsored propaganda.
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