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"Conspiracy theory"
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The multinational drug companies, supposedly in competition, but who have interlocking interests and personnel, and who operate a revolving door with their supposed regulatory agencies, now long since captured.

Big pharma is a shorthand for referring to the large pharmaceutical companies.

Official narrative

Wikipedia has an article entitled Big Pharma conspiracy theory which, as the title suggests, . Most concerns around big pharma are illegitimate.


Advertising and marketing is so important to big pharma that "9 out of the top 10 industry leaders spend more on marketing than on research and development",[1] while some commercially-controlled media writers like to point at R&D and trials as the cause of high prices.[2] (Pfizer addresses the question of high prices on its website, but does not really answer it)[3]

Legal cases of note

Those who are adversely affected by medications, even when not warned about them on the label, were determined in a 5-4 decision by the US Supreme Court not to be liable to financial compensation.[4]


Full article: Big pharma/Lobby
Full article: Big pharma/Lobbyist

Big Pharma spends much more on governmental lobbying and "public relations" than any other industry.[5]

Manipulation of studies

Pharma companies manipulate studies for publication by choosing and excluding parameters beforehand, thus framing the findings:

  • the medication will be tested against another one, from which is known, that it is inferior in it's effectiveness
  • the medication will be tested against another one, which is administered in lesser dosage than to be effective
  • the medication will be tested against another one, which is administered in higher dosage to let the own medication appear less toxic
  • the formulation of questions beforehand will be done in such a way, that positive results are guaranteed
  • only positive results will be publicized, which may be clinical endpoints like: survival time, pain relief, blood pressure - but relative risk or absolute risk may not not change and are not mentioned
  • adverse reaction from vaccines is by and in large caused by adjuvants; control studies with a "placebo" are done with the same adjuvants without the pathogen, to show that side effects are equally on both sides
Journeyman Pictures: Perspectives on the Pandemic - The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine — "As much of the world rushes to receive a lightly-tested pharmaceutical product, we thought it was high time to look again at the (very) big business of medicine. Leemon McHenry, PhD, guides us to the fraudulent core of ghostwritten studies, captured legislators, revolving-door regulatory agencies, pay-to-play medical journals, and the "key opinion leaders" who lend their academic credentials to giant corporations...for a price."

In 2015, Richard Horton, editor of the prestigious medical journal the Lancet, wrote bluntly of these problems. A symposium—on the reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research, held at the Wellcome Trust in London discussed "one of the most sensitive issues in science today: the idea that something has gone fundamentally wrong with one of our greatest human creations." Pointing out that "part of the problem is that no-one is incentivised to be right. Instead, scientists are incentivized to be productive and innovative" he also stated[6][7]:

“Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.”
Richard Horton (2015)  [8]

Dr. Marcia Angell, a physician and was longtime Editor-in-Chief of the New England Medical Journal (NEMJ), considered to be another one of the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the world, has made similar observations[9]:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine.”
Marcia Angell (2009)  [10]



An event carried out

Foster child drug trialsNew York
In the nightmarish, surreal world of pediatric clinical trials, infants, toddlers, children and teenagers in New York and around the United States are forced to ingest dangerous, toxic pharmaceuticals, arranged by the National Institutes of Health and Big Pharma.



Page nameDescription
AIDS industryAccording to critics, the HIV/AIDS paradigm, is politically, economically and socially driven, rather than based on verifiable scientific data.
Alliance for Biosecurity
AstraZenecaLondon-based British-Swedish multinational Big Pharma company that produced a COVID-19 jab
Baxter InternationalA multi-billion dollar transnational corporation which is of interest as regards emerging diseases and vaccines.
Bayer AGOwner of Monsanto
BioNTechGerman biotechnology company worth billions after selling a COVID-19/Vaccine.
Contaminated blood affairFor several years in the 1980s France knowingly exported tainted blood, killing thousands.
Doherty InstituteOne of the main pushers of COVID-19 and lockdown and experimental vaccines in Australia. The "experts" receive funds both direct from Pfizer and from major Pfizer shareholder the Gates Foundation.
Eli LillyPsychiatric drugs,Prozac, MKUltra...
Emergent BioSolutions"One of the most politically-connected yet scandal ridden vaccine companies in the United States"
Galvani BioelectronicsWell-funded Google/GlaxoSmithKline joint venture working on hacking the nervous system
Gilead Sciencesa pharma company with deep state connections
Ginkgo Bioworks"Designs, engineers, develops, tests and licenses organisms”
Green Cross (Japanese company)Japanese pharma company founded by Unit 731 war criminals. At the center of the Japanese part of the distribution of blood tainted with HIV.
Henry ScheinUnited States' biggest distributor of dental products and flu vaccines. Participated in the pandemic exercise Event 201. Had their own Peggy Hamburg as FDA commissioner.
Insys TherapeuticsBig pharma that promoted opioids
Johnson & JohnsonThe Vice President, Adrian Thomas was a "player" in Event 201. In March 2020 Johnson & Johnson entered into a $456 million partnership with the US government for a COVID-19 vaccine.
Medical deviceAny device intended to be used for medical purposes.
MerckBig pharma with a long rap sheet of unethical practices
ModernaSpooky tech company producing cure-all RNA vaccines
NanobiosymAmerican nanotechnology company
Operation Warp SpeedUS military enforced project nominally inspired by COVID-19
PfizerA multinational big pharma company. Made a killing during COVID
PowderJectBritish manufacturer of dodgy vaccines who got contracts through Labour Party donations
Purdue PharmaDrug company selling opioid medicines
Randox Laboratories
RocheLargest pharmaceutical company in the world
SanofiFrench Big Pharma company
Searle PharmaceuticalsTaken over by Monsanto in 1985.
Takeda Pharmaceutical
TevaIsraeli drug company
TheranosAmerican pharma company that was touted as a breakthrough health technology company. Possibly a CIA front company, for an unknown purpose.
Veterinary medicineThe branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, disorder, and injury in animals.


Related Quotations

"COVID-19/Vaccine"“We need to be careful, as it's obvious pharmaceutical companies wish to make a profit and would like to keep always selling vaccines for everyone. But we need to prioritise; we need to know if they're needed or not. (We need to) not be subordinated to Big Pharma dictating us: "we need a third dose", "we need a fourth", "we need to vaccinate children".”Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorJuly 2021
Marcia Angell“No one knows the total amount provided by drug companies to physicians, but I estimate from the annual reports of the top 9 U.S.-based drug companies that it comes to tens of billions of dollars a year in North America alone.By such means, the pharmaceutical industry has gained enormous control over how doctors evaluate and use its own products. Its extensive ties to physicians, particularly senior faculty at prestigious medical schools, affect the results of research, the way medicine is practiced, and even the definition of what constitutes a disease.”Marcia Angell2009
Warren Buffett“In the pharmaceutical world of economic durable competitive advantages, having a patent on a best-selling drug is about as good as it gets. The next best thing is having a monopoly on selling a country’s national health program the vaccines it needs for its childhood inoculation programs. Both of these businesses are hugely profitable and GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) excels in both these categories.

The vaccine business is particularly attractive because an individual shot (or jab) costs GSK approximately $1.50 to manufacture and it sells to national vaccine programs for approximately $9 a shot. That gives GSK a net profit of approximately $7.50 a shot. This markup gives GSK a very healthy profit margin that improves with each and every new disease that the company develops a vaccine for. Consider this: GSK's profits rose 10% with the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak—a disease for which the company had a state-of-the-art vaccine ready to inoculate the masses.

In addition to its patents and the durable competitive advantage GSK has with the vaccines, it also established the relationships with the world's governments, and it has the financial capital to create, manufacture, and sell vaccines on a world scale. If you were in charge of the health of a nation's 30 million-plus children, who would you buy your vaccines from? Every year? Year after year? You’d pick the biggest and the best. There are only four pharmaceutical giants that control most of the vaccine production in the world and GSK is one of them.

There is another component to the vaccine equation that also spells BIG MONEY: Every year, women all over the world give birth to approximately 133 million new babies, 4.3 million babies in the U.S. alone. With the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommending that children aged birth through six receive 34 individual vaccine shots/jabs, that means the market for those 34 vaccine shots/jabs increases every year by 4.3 million in just the U.S. alone. This in turn means that the vaccine manufacturers selling in the U.S. have the potential to earn a profit of $1.09 billion every year (4.3 million x 34 x $7.50 = $1.09 billion). Consider the number of yearly vaccines worldwide and the numbers are staggering—approximately $34 billion a year (133 million x 34 x $7.50 = $33.9 billion). After ten years, in the U.S. alone, vaccine manufacturers will see more than $10 billion in net profit. On a world scale, the number jumps to a potential $340 billion in profits.

And wait, it gets even better. With the invention of each new vaccine comes a patent that is good for twenty years and guarantees that no one else can make the vaccine. In other words, the company has a monopoly.

Even when the patents expire, other companies rarely step into the market because the major manufacturers have a permanent relationship with the government health departments of the world. This enables manufacturers to continue making the same vaccines year after year while maintaining their large profit margins even after their patents have expired.

And last but not least, vaccine manufacturers in the US are completely immune from lawsuits. Back in the 1980s several bad batches of vaccines injured so many children that the resulting successful lawsuits threatened to bankrupt the manufacturers, so the manufacturers lobbied a bill through Congress making them a protected class.”
Warren Buffett
Mary Buffett
COVID-19/Resistance“I have done my bit and been vaccinated because we were told that was the route to protect others and regain our freedoms. Neither was correct. I will not allow my perfectly healthy body to become a cash cow for Pfizer.”Allison Pearson9 December 2021
COVID-19/Vaccine/Mandation“[...] It's because big pharma is losing money. Year, over year, over year - go look at the data. 30 percent they spent more and more and more, in RD (research & development), and you would think if you spent more RD, you should be getting more allowances. Well, they are getting 30 percent less, and less allowances. Why? Because even the FDA is recognising that their products are toxic. So their new business model is vaccines - why? Because pharmaceutical drugs you can sue the manufacturer, you can take them to court, they spend five billion dollars, 13 - 14 years, very expensive, high risk, low reward, you can get sued. Vaccines? No risk. You know why - because they do not go through the same regulatory framework, they call them biologics. Alright? Number two, you can't sue vaccine manufacturers, thank you Ed Kennedy and the politicians who protected big pharma. You can't sue them. And if you can, you have to go through a vaccine court run by the US government, which means tax payers pay for it... 30 million people in the United States now do yoga. Think about that. So you have this trend were people are saying, I'm gonna take care of my body, I'm gonna find out the right foods for my kids, I'm gonna start understanding vitamins and herbs. This did not occur ten years ago. And so therefore big pharma sees their entire business model tanking. If you want we can do a whole analysis, you can bring all the economists in the world and we will show you the data, that their business model is tanking, it's burning to the ground, literally. So they need a new business model. And that business model is vaccines - why? Or cell therapies, they are called biologics. They don't need to go through the same stringent testing and they avoid all the litigation. That is what pharma is looking at, their drugs are failing - they do not work, more and more people want healthy life styles - they need to mandate vaccines, that is what this is about.”Shiva Ayyadurai
John le CarréBig Pharma is also engaged in the deliberate seduction of the medical profession, country by country, worldwide. It is spending a fortune on influencing, hiring and purchasing academic judgement to a point where, in a few years' time, if Big Pharma continues unchecked on its present happy path, unbought medical opinion will be hard to find.”John le Carré
Event 201“[M]y team has been monitoring the public response. And on various social media channels and cable networks, there's been some conspiracy theories that are around about the potential that pharmaceutical companies or the UN have released this for their own benefit... if conspiracy theories like this come up already, so we are on the edge of hysterical reactions.”18 October 2019
Evidence-based medicine“It sounds so believable and benign...By the 1990s, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals practice was geared to protocols, being geared by protocols, and shaped by protocols. Once these protocols were instituted, it became very difficult for doctors and nurses to use their own clinical acumen, they had to follow protocols. So what's happened with the evidence-based approach, is that it's become a form of dogma, an ideology, and this is the issue with evidence-based practice, because a lot of the evidence is created around quantitative research and the randomized control trial, and that's funded by various funding mechanisms and also the pharmaceutical industryKevin CorbettApril 2024
Anthony Fauci“Guys like Fauci get up there and start talking, and he doesn’t know anything really about anything, and I’d say that to his face. Nothing. He doesn’t understand electron microscopy and he doesn’t understand medicine...

Most of those guys up there on the top are just total administrative people and they don’t know anything about what’s going on with the bottom. You know, those guys have got an agenda, which is not what we would like them to have, being that we pay for them to take care of our health in some way...

They’ve got a personal kind of agenda. They make up their own rules as they go. They change them when they want to and a smugly like Tony Fauci does not mind going on television in front of the people, face out, and lie directly into the camera.”
Anthony Fauci
Kary Mullis
Peter GøtzscheBribery is routine and involves large amounts of money. Almost every type of person who can affect the interests of the industry has been bribed: doctors, hospital administrators, cabinet ministers, health inspectors, customs officers, tax assessors, drug registration officials, factory inspectors, pricing officials and political parties. In Latin America, posts as ministers of health are avidly sought, as these ministers are almost invariably rich with wealth coming from the drug industry. In the beginning of this chapter, I asked the question whether we are seeing a lone bad apple now and then, or whether pretty much the whole basket is rotten. What we are seeing is organised crime in an industry that is completely rotten.”Peter Gøtzsche2013
Mae-Wan Ho“What makes genetic engineering biotechnology dangerous, in the first instance, is that it is an unprecedented, close alliance between two great powers that can make or break the world: science and commerce. Practically all established molecular geneticists have some direct or indirect connection with industry, which will set limits on what the scientists can and will do research on, not to mention the possibility of compromising their integrity as independent scientists.


The worst aspect of the alliance is that it is between the most reductionist science and multinational monopolistic industry at its most aggressive and exploitative. If the truth be told, it is bad science working together with big business for quick profit, aided and abetted by our governments for the banal reason that governments wish to be re-elected to remain in ‘power.’”
Mae-Wan Ho1997
Ivermectin“I want to bring attention to two critical deficits in our national treatment response that has made this hearing necessary in the first place. Besides the early interest and research into hydroxychloroquine, we can find no other significant efforts to research the use of any other already existing, safe, low-cost therapeutic agents. Seemingly the only research and treatment focus that we have observed on a national scale is with novel or high-cost pharmaceutically engineered products”Dr. Pierre KoryDecember 2020
Robert F. Kennedy JrNewspapers and electronic media outlets have suppressed legitimate debate over vaccine safety or the ongoing corruption scandals at the CDC. They allow ...Pharma shills almost unlimited use of the airwaves to spout Pharma propaganda—always unquestioned and unanswered. Newspapers won’t publish Op Eds or letters or comments from vaccine safety advocates. Even alternative press—like Huffington Post, Drudge Report, Salon, Slate and Mother Jones won’t allow discussion—and these are supposedly the antidote to a corporate controlled media. Astonishingly, many journalists openly advocate the censoring of any discussion about vaccine safety...The media’s silence on this issue is not simply a quid pro quo for billions of dollars of annual pharmaceutical advertising. Most reporters and media outlets accept the muzzle because they think they are safeguarding public health. They believe that allowing debate about vaccine safety and CDC corruption may cause the public to stop vaccinating.”Robert F. Kennedy Jr2015
Peer review“The mistake, of course, is to have thought that peer review was any more than a crude means of discovering the acceptability — not the validity — of a new finding. Editors and scientists alike insist on the pivotal importance of peer review. We portray peer review to the public as a quasi-sacred process that helps to make science our most objective truth teller. But we know that the system of peer review is biased, unjust, unaccountable, incomplete, easily fixed, often insulting, usually ignorant, occasionally foolish, and frequently wrong.”Richard Horton
Christian Perronne“The problem with all the drug [regulatory] agencies in the world—the FDA in the United States, the European Medical Agency, the French drug agency—they all say “No, hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work; azithromycin doesn’t work; ivermectin doesn’t work,” despite many, many published proofs that they work. Because if they acknowledge that they do work, it’s impossible for them to market their so-called “vaccines”. That’s the only reason; it’s a marketing reason.”Christian Perronne13 August 2021
Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez“There's a powerful public opinion campaign induced by Big Pharma. If one explores the national and international press, and traces recommendations like these, one can perceive an important lack of scientific information to support these kind of recommendations. And by contrast there are statements by Big Pharma executives that already take it for granted.”Hugo López-Gatell RamírezJuly 2021
Jon Rappoport“Long term, the medical cartel is the most dangerous cartel in the world, because they fly under a politically neutral banner. They claim they are completely non-partisan, we are here to help, to heal, and that's it. Who could doubt that? This is the greatest cover operation anyone could conceive of, using medical science, the medical system, with its toxic drugs, its toxic vaccines, to destroy whole populations from within. And occasionally come out with some massive epidemic program to further suppress and destroy populations.”Jon Rappoport29 September 2022
Malcolm Roberts“It’s called the largest ever wealth transfer from taxpayers to globalist corporations - in this case Big Pharma. As usual, govt is the middle man & the means of extracting money from taxpayers. Legal yet immoral.”Malcolm Roberts7 August 2021
Horst SeehoferReporter: Does this mean that the lobby was really so strong then, the pharmaceutical lobby against politics, and you had to pull back, so to speak.

Horst Seehofer: Yes that is so, has been the case for 30 years, until the present moment, that meaningful structural changes, in the sense of a more social market economy, are not possible in the German health care system because of the resistance of the lobby associations.
Horst Seehofer: I can only describe to you that this is so and it works very effectively.
Reporter: But it can not be that the industry is stronger than politics, so at the end of the day, it has to be the politics that is in the position to say no, that's not how it works.

Horst Seehofer: I can not disagree with that.”
Horst Seehofer2006
Ron Unz“A cursory examination of the most recent 15 years worth of national mortality data...offers some intriguing clues to this mystery. We find the largest rise in American mortality rates occurred in 1999, the year Vioxx was introduced, while the largest drop occurred in 2004, the year it was withdrawn. Vioxx was almost entirely marketed to the elderly, and these substantial changes in national death-rate were completely concentrated within the 65-plus population. The FDA studies had proven that use of Vioxx led to deaths from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes, and these were exactly the factors driving the changes in national mortality rates. The impact of these shifts was not small. After a decade of remaining roughly constant, the overall American death rate began a substantial decline in 2004, soon falling by approximately 5 percent, despite the continued aging of the population. This drop corresponds to roughly 100,000 fewer deaths per year. The age-adjusted decline in death rates was considerably greater.”Ron Unz17 April 2012


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