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Climate change, formerly known as global warming, is the idea that the earth's climate is undergoing a period of rapid change. The majority of the world's scientists agree that this is happening, and that it is anthropogenic (i.e. caused by humans). The administration of Donald Trump has cast doubt on this, as do the fossil fuel lobby. Most of the documents at the foot of this article dispute the reality of climate change as presented by corporate media.

The website shows climate data from 1901 (left) up to 2018 (right), as a simple set of red/blue stripes. This is their 'global' image, indicating that in spite of considerable year to year variation, in aggregate, global temperatures are rising.

Recent Weather Records

The US’s largest reservoir was reported in 2016 as having "the lowest level since it was filled in the 1930s".[1]


Observed average temperatures have been rising, as the Greenhouse Effect would predict

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared March 2016 was the warmest March since records began in 1880.[2]

Extreme weather events

The phrase 'climate change' is used in preference to 'global warming' since it is predicted[By whom?] to amplify instability in the world's climate, resulting in more extreme events of all kinds, such as wind, temperature, atmospheric pressure, droughts, flash floods etc.

Melting polar ice caps

20 Year IMBIE Study

A study from 2012[3] that was analyzing satellite data starting from 1992 came to conclude that the polar ice sheets are melting at an increased pace. According to one of the authors of the study, Andrew Shepherd: "It's the first time all the people who have estimated changes in the size of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets using satellites over the past 20 years have got together to produce a single result,".[4] The study found that ice melting from Antarctica and Greenland has contributed 20% to the overall sea level rising in that same period. Two thirds are coming from Greenland even while it has only one tenth of the size of Antarctica, probably due to its position closer to the equator and warmer air.[5] The rest of the sea level rising is attributed to thermal expansion of a warming ocean, melting of mountain glaciers, small Arctic ice caps and groundwater mining. The Antarctic is distinguished between east and west. Since the wests glaciers are at sea level, the warming of the sea there is accelerating the melting. The east is mostly above sea level and thanks to appropriate temperatures there is snowfall and the ice sheet actually growing.

25 Year IMBIE Study

The 2018 update of the study[6] found the conclusion from five years before confirmed and observed a threefold increase in ice loss since 2012.[7] It is generally acknowledged that the ice loss in Antarctica is more severe in areas where there is direct contact with the ocean.[8] In 2017 it was reported that in the west of Antarctica NASA discovered a 'mantle plume' which could be a cause of the ice melting in the region today.[9] However, the observation is not a point where definitive conclusions can be drawn.[10]

Magnetic poles

The earth's magnetic poles are undergoing a period of rapid shift. The reasons for this, and its potential consequences remain unclear. Some commentators have suggested that this may have disasterous consequences[11], but NASA wrote in 2012 that "this causes no dramatic effects, and will not lead to problems in 2012."

Climate change sceptics

Various people are doubtful about the official narrative of climate change, including Denis Rancourt.


IMBIE - Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-Comparison Exercise


Related Quotation

International Maritime Organization“Despite being responsible for close to 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the shipping sector remains outside of the UN Paris Agreement on climate. It has achieved this through corporate capture of the International Maritime Organization”


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