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MottoLeges sine moribus vanae
HeadquartersPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Type• Private
• Research
SubgroupsWharton School of Finance
Sponsored byOpen Philanthropy
Other nameQuakers
SubpageUniversity of Pennsylvania/President
Philadelphia university with mayor deep state activities

The University of Pennsylvania (Penn or UPenn) is a private Ivy League research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Penn has four undergraduate schools as well as twelve graduate and professional schools. Its Wharton Business School is a mayor deep state milieu on its own.

Penn Biden Center

The Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania, officially opened on February 8, 2018, is located in Washington, D.C. and is named for the 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden.[1][2][3]

Joe Biden was head of the Penn Biden Center and also became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Biden made more than $900,000 from the University of Pennsylvania between 2017 and 2019 for very little work. Biden confirmed a leave of absence from the University of Pennsylvania in April 2019 when he started his presidential campaign. [4]

University of Pennsylvania professor and vice provost of global initiatives Zeke Emanuel, a key architect of Obamacare when he served in the Obama administration, publicly welcomed Biden to UPenn. Tony Blinken, Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, was the Penn Biden Center’s managing director before he ran the Biden State Department. The Penn Biden Center’s leadership team includes Obama administration alum Caroline Tess, and its business manager is a longtime employee of the University of Pennsylvania. Recent Penn Biden Center officials Ariana Berengaut and Colin Kahl, who pushed pro-vaccine propaganda in the early period of COVID-19[5], have both worked for either Joe Biden or for the Obama-Biden administration and Kahl became Biden’s Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. Michael Carpenter, a Penn Biden Center managing director who pushes hawkish talking points against Russia[6], is now working as ambassador to the OSCE in the Biden administration.[7]

In 2022, University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann was appointed Ambassador to Germany by Biden.[8]

Annenberg Public Policy Center

The Annenberg Public Policy Center, which owns, is based on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia and also in Washington, D.C. and is funded with an endowment from the Annenberg Foundation, which partners with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.[7][9] states that “ receives in-kind support from the Annenberg Public Policy Center including some infrastructure costs as well as supervisory, technical, and administrative support from APPC faculty and staff. We do not attempt to assign a dollar value to these in-kind services, which are funded from the APPC’s own resources.”[10] Kathleen Hall Jamieson, the director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center and the co-founder of, is a University of Pennsylvania professor.’s director emeritus Brooks Jackson gave birth to shortly after joining the Annenberg Public Policy Center[11].

The University of Pennsylvania admitted in December 2020 that “The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines both use licensed University of Pennsylvania technology. The sums received in (the actual terms are confidential) are likely in the billions.[7]


As of 2018, distinguished alumni and trustees include three U.S. Supreme Court justices, 32 U.S. senators, 163 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, 12 U.S. Cabinet Secretaries, 46 U.S. governors, eight signers of the Declaration of Independence[12][13] and seven signers of the U.S. Constitution,[14] 24 members of the Continental Congress, nine foreign heads of state[15] and two presidents of the United States.[16] As of October 2019, 36 Nobel laureates, 80 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences,[17] 64 living alumni billionaires (and with 25 undergraduate alumni billionaires has the most living undergraduate alumni billionaires of any university in the world),[18][19][20][21][22][23] 21 Marshall Scholars,[24][25] 33 Rhodes Scholars,[26][27] 16 Pulitzer Prize winners, 43 Olympic medal winners (who won 81 medals, 26 of them gold),[28] and five United States Medal of Honor recipients have been affiliated with the university.[29][30]



The Paypal Mafia2002“We all became each other’s social life. Because of that, we formed really deep connections.” The genesis of the biggest tech companies with spooky ties to organs of the Deep State such as the WEF and Bilderberg.


Open PhilanthropyGrant maker funneling deep state money among other things to pandemic planning. Financed Event 201.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Ziad Abdelnour3 December 1960US
A neoconservative financier who was disciplined by the SEC.
John Ashe20 August 195422 June 2016Antigua and BarbudaBureaucracy
Clinton body count
Former Chairman of the UN GA who died a conveniently timed and unusual death before he was due to testify in court.
David Campbell Bannerman26 May 1960PoliticianUKIP MEP
Sir David Bell30 September 1946UKBusinesspersonFormer Chairman of the Financial Times
Ashley Biden8 June 1981USPhilanthropyDaughter of Joe Biden
Hans Binnendijk8 December 1946USAcademic
Deep state functionary
Dutch born academic and US deep state functionary, a member of Atlantic Council and RAND corporation, deeply involved with NATO.
Max Blumenthal18 December 1977USJournalist
US journalist, blogger, film maker whom the Times Of Israel tagged an "anti-zionist"
Noam Chomsky7 December 1928Academic
Publicly acclaimed critic of US foreign policy with an encyclopedic knowledge of history, Chomsky has become a gatekeeper by his refusal to contemplate false flag attacks. By 2021 turned proponent of starving dissidents to death in concentration camps.
Richard Clarke27 October 1950USSpook
"Terror expert"
American spook and "terror expert"
Robert Cooper1947Deep state operativeUK diplomat with a string of interesting roles. "One of the top 100 "public intellectuals" in the world"...
Josh Devon"Terror expert"Co-founder of the SITE Institute with Rita Katz.
Donald Duke30 September 1961NigeriaPoliticianA Nigerian politician whom the Institute for Statecraft were keen to meet
Paul Ehrlich29 May 1932USScientistInfluential biologist who wants to as "humanely and as rapidly as possible move to population shrinkage" down to 1-2 billion.
Richard Falk13 November 1930USAcademic
Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University and former UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories
Harold Ford11 May 1970USPolitician
Deep state connected US congressman who joined FOX news in 2021 and discussed mandated COVID jabs
Thomas Gates10 April 190625 March 1983USFinancier
Deep state functionary
Investment Banker, US secretary of defense for slightly over 1 year, attended the 1968 Bilderberg
Nathan Glazer25 February 192319 January 2019USNeoconservative
US sociologist
Jeffrey Goldberg22 September 1965Journalist
"Netanyahu's faithful stenographer"
Alex Gorsky24 May 1960MillionaireThe CEO of Johnson & Johnson (2012 to 2021)
Thor Halvorssen9 March 1976VenezuelaSpook
Venezuelan right wing activist
Kevin Hassett20 March 1962
Charles Horner8 April 1943DiplomatFormerly on the staff of Senator Henry M. Jackson. Neoconservative propagandist who wants China to be in conflict with the Islamic world.
Toomas Ilves26 December 1953EstoniaDiplomat
Deep state operative
President of Estonia with a lot of Deep State connections, including membership of the Munich Security Conference Advisory Council.
Stuart Jones1959DiplomatUS diplomat in Iraq, then switched to Bechtel.
Tina Kaidanow1965DiplomatUS diplomat and counter-terrorist
Evan Kohlmann1978"Counter-terrorism"Georgetown University "counter-terrorist"
John Lehman14 September 1942Banker
Deep state operative
US deep state operative who in 1989 met up with Donald Trump, Thomas Pickering, Ghislaine Maxwell & others on board Robert Maxwell's yacht
John Lilly6 January 191530 September 2001USResearcher
Experimented with psychedelic drugs, isolation tanks as a means of sensory deprivation. Also attempted communication between humans and dolphins.
Frank Luntz23 February 1962USPolitical operativeUS opinion shaper
Megan McArdle29 January 1973USJournalist
Bilderberger editor
John E. McLaughlin15 June 1942Former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence and acting Director of Central Intelligence
Andrea Mitchell30 October 1946USJournalist
TV anchor
US journalist who attended the 2002 Bilderberg. Wife of Alan Greenspan.
Michael Moskow7 January 1938USCentral bankerUS central banker who attended the 2001 and 2002 Bilderbergs
Elon Musk28 June 1971Canada
South Africa
Deep state actor
Big tech/lobbyist
US businessman, Paypal Mafia underboss, big tech kingpin, WEF YGL billionaire
Kwame Nkrumah21 September 190927 April 1972Politician
Norman Pearlstine4 October 1942USEditorCFR, quad Bilderberger editor
David PerlmutterAcademicUniversity administrator and fundraiser
Robert PfaltzgraffJanuary 1938USAcademic
"Terror expert"
Hawkish "terror expert" who in the 1980s visited both the Bilderberg and Le Cercle.
Stanley Plotkin12 May 1932USScientist
Big pharma/Lobbyist
the “Godfather of Vaccines”
Jonathan Powell14 August 1956UK
Benjamin Read19251993USSpook
German Marshall Fund, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Owen Roberts2 May 18752 May 1955
Judith Rodin9 September 1944USDeep state operativeAttended the 2005 Bilderberg as President of the Rockefeller Foundation. Involved in the 2010 Lock Step event
Rod Rosenstein13 January 1965LawyerTrump loyalist(?) who was possibly targeted in a rumor campaign.
Gene Sperling24 December 1958Senior advisor to US president on COVID-19 Relief
Richard A. SpragueLawyer
Andrew Stern22 November 1950Labor leaderUS labor leader who attended Bilderberg/2017.
I. F. Stone24 December 190718 June 1989USJournalistOne of the great reporters of the 20th century, I.F. Stone, told journalism students never to forget that "All governments lie."
Ivanka Trump30 October 1981USModel
Paul Tully194424 September 1992Propagandist
Clinton body count
“Dear friend and trusted advisor” of Bill Clinton, "Top democratic strategist" unexpectedly found dead at 48.
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