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COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Toegangspoort van de Mount Kenya Safari Club TMnr 20014548.jpg
The first meeting of the Safari Club, a metastatisation of the supranational deep state from the core inside the CIA.
Peter Dale Scott names 1976 as a particularly crucial year for the US deep state, as under increasing pressure and investigation from democratic forces inside the USA, they regrouped from the CIA into a more flexible structure centered on the Safari Club. This laid the groundwork for the supranational deep state.

1976 saw the first meeting of the Safari Club, a metastasis of the US deep state, which saw it effectively regroup outside of the CIA (or any of the formal institutions of the USA government) as a response to increased scrutiny. This was an important step in the creation of the Supranational Deep State.


Orlando Letelier Assassination.jpg

Orlando Letelier was assassinated in Washington's 'Embassy Row', in a CIA-backed plot operated through CIA assets Manuel Contreras‎ (Chilean spymaster) and Michael Townley. The CIA used Operation Mockingbird assets to leak a fake CIA report designed to throw the FBI off the scent. John Stockwell reports that George H. W. Bush personally requested the DOJ to soft pedal their investigation of the crime.[1]

Two weeks later, on October 6, a Cuban commercial airliner exploded in mid-air over the Caribbean, killing all 73 passengers on board. Confessions in the latter case implicated Dr. Orlando Bosch.[2]

The House Select Committee on Assassinations began a semi-controlled investigation into political assassinations, especially those carried out by the CIA.

Bilderberg cancellation

The 1976 Bilderberg meeting was canceled after Prince Bernhard's role in receiving a $1.1 million bribe became public as the Lockheed/Bribery scandals drew public attention. It is the first of only tree occasions the meeting was canceled.[3]



Operation Paperclip8 May 19451990A transfer of top German scientists to USA.
Cold War194726 September 1991The official narrative had 2 diametrically opposed systems locked in combat with one another since soon after WW2. Each of the "superpowers" and its team of allies needed to outdo each other by creating ever more and deadlier weapons, creating a kind of perpetual war for perpetual peace, with the warring parties engaging mainly in covert/proxy wars. Deep state interests blossomed in the climate of fear and paranoia.
Operation Demagnetize19481980"The institutional hardening of Gladio", an expansion of Gladio in the late 1940s, early 1950s.
Lockheed/Bribery scandals19501976A series of bribes made by officials of the U.S. aerospace company Lockheed from the late 1950s to the 1970s in the process of negotiating the sale of aircraft.
Operation Snow White19601979Religious cult breaks into 100s of international government buildings to remove their own names, is not banned.
Rhodesian Bush WarJuly 1964December 1979
The Troubles19661998The sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland which flared into serious sustained violence through the summer of 1969
Operation Condor19681989US-backed campaign of assassination and terrorisation carried out in South America.
Markovic affair196812 January 1976When a sexual blackmailer was killed in 196, it soon turned out he had pictures of very prominent persons, including future President Georges Pompidou and his wife Claude.
Great Oil Sniffer Hoax19691979A fraudulent scheme purporting to be able to detect oil by a new technology. Details remain rather obscure.
Inslaw19701990Complex financial/political fraud the full dimensions of which were never uncovered, but some of which were forced onto the official record.
The Disappeared of the Yonne19701980Over three decades, some 30 young women went missing while in the care of the social services in the Yonne region of France.
Clockwork Orange1970April 1976UK deep state campaign carried out to discredit the government of Harold Wilson
FBI/Activities 1971-200119712001FBI activities between the official end of COINTELPRO and 911
National Emergencies Act1976Basis for later coup d'état legislation and CoG activation
TWA Croatian Hijacking10 September 197610 September 1976
Orlando Letelier/Assassination21 September 197621 September 1976
Cubana de Aviación Flight 4556 October 19766 October 1976
US/1976 Presidential Election8 November 19768 November 1976
Jack Ruby/Diagnosed with cancer1 December 1976 00:00:001 January 1977 00:00:00Jack Ruby diagnosed with cancer.ref. Treachery in Dallas, p 330


New Groups

King Baudouin FoundationGroup.pngThe Belgian royal family, which made its fortune from hand-chopping in the Congo and created the first stooge NGO the International African Association, feels the urge finance new ventures. Coordinates with of a number of similar foundations owned by billionaires or NATO countries , financing select projects.
Jewish Institute for National Security of AmericaJINSA.pngIsraeli "conservative" influence operation close to the military-industrial complex, sending US police and military leaders to be trained in Israel.
32 BattalionSADF 32 Battalion SSI.pngMilitaryAn apartheid-era unit of the South African Army
Center for Independent StudiesCentre for Independent Studies.pngAustralian libertarian think tank founded in 1976 which specialises in public policy research
Institute for Foreign Policy AnalysisGroup.png
RPRGroup.pngFrench conservative political party presenting itself as the heir of Gaullist politics.
KKR & Co.Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (logo).pngGlobal investment firm controlled by perennial bilderberger and deep politician Henry Kravis.
La RepubblicaRepublicca 17 July 2021.pngItalian corporate newspaper
Ethics and Public Policy CenterEthics and Public Policy Center Logo.jpgEPPC has functioned as the cutting edge of the neoconservative-driven culture war against progressive theology and secularism, and the associated effort to ensure right-wing control of the Republican Party.
Team BGroup.pngA group of hawks to talk up the Soviet threat.
French-American FoundationFrench american foundation.jpgInfluence networkA long established and relatively public organ of the US to control French politics.
United Nations Institute for NamibiaUNIN library.jpgNamibian students in the library of the United Nations Institute for Namibia in 1978
Tides FoundationGroup.pngFunneling large amounts of anonymous deep state dark money to "activists" mostly on the "left"
The North-South InstituteGroup.png
Think tank
A secret committee set up by radical right-wing activists and former intelligence officers in the UK in 1976. Their aim was quite possibly to get Margaret thatcher elected.
Maximator-AllianceMaximator.jpgIntelligence Alliance, similar to Five Eyes.
HSCAHouse Select Committee on Assassinations.jpgInvestigatoryA followup to the Church Committee. 21 people involved in the Coup who were subpoenaed to testify before the committee died under mysterious circumstances.
AppleApple logo black.svgA tech company, in a corrupt duopoly with Microsoft, its effective social engineering of children during the 2010s and 2000s and its adaption of youth culture made it the most valuable company in the world. PRISM-member. Throws activists or anyone not a WEF-member of their platform in geopolitical dilemmas. Fashion industry and wage slavery promoter.
El PaísGroup.pngNewspaperA Spanish-language daily newspaper in Spain.
Trevi GroupGroup.pngTREVI was initially intended to coordinate effective counterterrorism responses among European governments, but it slowly extended its remit to many other issues in crossborder policing between the members of the European Community
Jonathan InstituteGroup.pngThink tankThe group which held the now infamous JCIT.
Safari ClubCOLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Toegangspoort van de Mount Kenya Safari Club TMnr 20014548.jpgIntelligence agencyA 'supranational deep state' - an informal international intelligence agency formed as a result of increasing pressure to expose wrongdoing by the US intelligence agencies and a consequent decision to seek alternative, more private organisations from which to operate.


New Websites

Project CensoredProjectCensored.pnghttp://www.ProjectCensored.orgA long running academic investigation into the control of the US corporate media.
Mother JonesWebsite.pnghttp://www.motherjones.com/"Judging by the journalism being offered (and not offered) by...Mother Jones and other recipients of their funding, the big establishment foundations are successfully sponsoring the kind of "opposition" that the US ruling elite can tolerate and live with.”


Groups that were Wound Up

US/Army/Security AgencyASA.jpg
Church CommitteeChurch Committee.jpg




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Frederick John Partington Veale18971976Academic
Herbert Gross19071976Propagandist
Writer for the Nazi magazine Das Reich who in 1946 founded the Handelsblatt. One of the first to fundamentally deal with public relations on a programmatic level in post-war West Germany. Attended the 3rd and 4th Bilderbergs.
Chou En-lai5 March 18988 January 1976China
Deep politician
Ronald Edwards1 May 191018 January 1976London
UK business executive and academic.
Lewis Rosenstiel21 July 189121 January 1976Florida
Miami Beach
Sexual blackmail
Gangster, businessman, philanthropist and sexual blackmailer.
Paul Robeson9 April 189823 January 1976PoisoningActivist
US artist and activist possibly poisoned by the CIA
Pinhas Lavon12 July 190424 January 1976Politician
Alastair Buchan9 September 19184 February 1976Academic
Deep state operative
Son of a spook, propagandist and UK deep state operative. Commandant of the Imperial Defence College, four Bilderbergs
Colin Gubbins2 July 189611 February 1976StornowaySpook
Deep politician
Bilderberg invitee and spook
Raymond Leddy18 December 19125 March 1976Spook
Police officer
CIA spook who participated in Operation Success and recruiting several Mexican presidents.
John Deutsch26 February 191118 March 1976EconomistCanadian economist
Bernard Montgomery17 November 188724 March 1976United Kingdom
Howard Hughes24 December 19055 April 1976Air disasterFilmmaker
Phil Ochs19 December 19409 April 1976New York
United States
The most political singer/songwriter against the war in Vietnam. Survived strangulation attack by "robber" that may have been CIA operation.
Gerald L. K. Smith27 February 189815 April 1976Clergy
J. W. Beyen2 May 189729 April 1976Netherlands
Bilderberg businessman
Ulrike Meinhof7 October 19349 May 1976Germany
Livingston T. Merchant23 November 190315 May 1976Diplomat
Deep state operative
Twice US Ambassador to Canada
Kenneth Younger15 December 190819 May 1976Politician
UK Spook, Labour politician, diplomat, Chatham House
Torbert Macdonald6 June 191721 May 1976Maryland
LawyerLife-time friend of JFK
William Harvey1915June 1976Spook
Deep state actor
A deep state actor who was involved in the JFK assassination.
Richard Casey29 August 189017 June 1976Melbourne
Victoria (Australia)
Deep politician
Australian who founded ASIS
Kermit Gordon3 July 191621 June 1976Deep state functionaryInfluential economic advisor during the John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson administrations. Later President of Brookings Institution.
Vic Feather10 April 190828 July 1976Propagandist
Union organizer
General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress secretly working for the Information Research Department.
Johnny RoselliApril 19057 August 1976Miami
Found floating in Dumfoundling Bay
Crime boss
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
HSCA/Premature deaths
Mobster for the Chicago Outfit. Died just before the HSCA.
Fernand Dehousse3 July 190610 August 1976LiègePoliticianBelgian politician active in the construction of what later would become the European Union. Attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Harold Wallace Rosenthal2 November 194711 August 1976Turkey
An influential jew who died reportedly from a "terrorist" attack 30 days after an interview about The Deep State
Tom Driberg22 May 190512 August 1976Politician
Maurice Dobb24 July 190017 August 1976EconomistCommunist economist at Cambridge
Douglas Reed11 March 189526 August 1976Author
Gus Wortham18 February 18911 September 1976
Mao Zedong26 December 18939 September 1976China
Gunnar Lange9 March 190916 September 1976Sweden
PoliticianSwedish Social Democrat politician and Minister of Trade 1955-1970. He attended the 1962 Bilderberg meeting.
Orlando Letelier13 April 193221 September 1976Washington DC
Sheridan Circle
A Chilean socialist politician and diplomat, assassinated in Washington D.C.
Paul Douglas26 March 189224 September 1976US
Washington DC
US post-WW2 Senator. Liberal anti-communist and supporter of the Marshall Plan, the Truman Doctrine, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Jean Jardin30 October 19049 November 1976France
Deep state actor
Louis Camu11 April 190512 November 1976Belgium
BankerBelgian atlanticist banker and multi-Bilderberger. Proponent of European unification and creating a single European currency.
Philip Crowe7 January 190816 November 1976Diplomat
Big game hunter
US OSS spook and diplomat
Paul Helliwell191524 December 1976Spook
Deep state actor
CIA officer central in setting up the agency's involvement in drug trafficking.
Jean de Broglie21 June 192124 December 1976GunshotPoliticianThe investigation into his 1976 assassination was soon classified as a military secret.
Philip Hart10 December 191226 December 1976Washington DCCancerLawyerUS Senator who was strong supporter of civil rights, anti-trust legislation and consumer and environmental protection. Member of Church Committee. Died of cancer soon after.



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummaryDescription
Laura Kuenssberg1976ItalyTV presenter
Ryan Shapiro1976New York
ActivistA FOIA activist whose work helped expose the Dallas occupy plot.
Adrian Schoolcraft1976United States
Police officer
An NYPD officer who made hundreds of audio recordings of his workplace and was confined to a mental institution as a result.
Andrew Ng1976UKResearcher
AI researcher interested in big data
Michael Babich1976Fraudster
Pled guilty in federal court in Boston to conspiracy and mail fraud charges
Murat Çetinkaya1976Economist
Central banker
Derek Chauvin1976
Jonathan Finer1976United States
Deep state actor
US deep state actor, Bilderberger, 7th Floor Group, CFR, friend of UK and US deep state functionaries
Martin Knuchel1976BureaucracyTook part in Event 201 as crisis manager for Lufthansa
Christopher Sign197612 June 2021Journalist
Clinton body count
Journalist who broke story of Bill Clinton meeting Loretta Lynch in June 2016; died in June 2021. Declared suicide.
Armoni Howard1976USJuly 2021American conservative activist who died from the COVID-19/Vaccine.
Yuval Harari1976FuturistWorld Economic Forum court futurist
Scott Borgerson1976MissouriMarinerCoast guard drug interdiction officer. CFR fellow. Founder of an Israeli-funded shipping tracking company. Husband(?) of Ghislaine Maxwell.
Alan Mendoza1976SpookExecutive Director of The Henry Jackson Society
Sabine Boghici1976Brazil14 September 2023Criminal
Art dealer
Brazilian model and heiress who reportedly committed suicide
Vasily Prozorov1976April 2024Spook
Ex-employee of the SBU who defected to Russia. Assassinated with car bomb in 2024.
Michael Gunner6 January 1976Australia
Alice Springs
PoliticianAustralian politician; Chief Minister of the Northern Territory
Aditya Mittal22 January 1976BillionaireIndian billionaire heir to steel empire. WEF Young Global Leader 2005.
Alyssa Mastromonaco22 February 1976New York
United States
Political staffer
Thor Halvorssen9 March 1976VenezuelaSpook
Venezuelan right wing activist
Ronaldo Lemos25 March 1976Brazil
Minas Gerais
Brazilian academic. Pro open internet, except when corporations like Facebook are doing the censorship. WEF Young Global Leader 2015,
John Elkann1 April 1976New York
Italian/US billionaire businessman with heavy Bilderberg habit. 21st Century Council, European Round Table of Industrialists
Trudy Harrison19 April 1976
George P. Bush24 April 1976United States
Ine Eriksen Søreide2 May 1976PoliticianNorway's Minister of Foreign Affairs 20017-21, MSC regular
Etienne Gernelle3 May 1976France
French editor who went to the 2016 Bilderberg
Itamar Ben-Gvir6 May 1976Israel
Mevaseret Zion
Israeli settler, activist and politician
Khadija Ismayilova27 May 1976Azerbaijan
Alexei Navalny4 June 1976Russia
Soviet Union
Moscow Oblast
Odintsovsky District
16 February 2024Activist
Political operative
Russian politician designated "leader of the opposition" by Western corporate media, despite not leading the biggest opposition party. Mystery income stream, mystery decidedly non-deadly "poisoning" incident in 2020. Died in prison of "sudden death syndrome".
Igor Lukšić14 June 1976Yugoslavia
PoliticianMontenegrin politician seen as a cleaner face to replace Milo Đukanović. WEF/Young Global Leaders 2013.
Zin Mar Aung14 June 1976PoliticianThe "worst is yet to come" for Myanmar.
Lisa Shaw19 June 1976United Kingdom
County Durham
21 May 2021Radio host
COVID-19/Premature death
British radio presenter who tragically died after having the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19/Vaccine.
Gavin Williamson25 June 1976United Kingdom
PoliticianUK politician
Alexander Zakharchenko26 June 1976Ukraine
Soviet Union
31 August 2018Elected leader of the Donetsk People's Republic, assassinated in office in 2018
Dave Rubin26 June 1976New York
United States
New York State
YouTuberAn American political commentator. A critic of Big Tech.
Şafak Pavey10 July 1976Diplomat
The first disabled woman in the Turkish parliament
Kyrsten Sinema12 July 1976US
Harald Solberg20 July 1976
Rashida Tlaib24 July 1976Politician
Demis Hassabis27 July 1976London
United Kingdom
Games playerDialled into a SAGE meeting at the request of Dominic Cummings. First Bilderberg in 2015
Huma Abedin28 July 1976United States
Deep state actorHillary Clinton's "right-hand woman", 7th floor group, kept Hillary posted about Laura Silsby. Exposed after her emails were recovered by the FBI during a probe about her husband's sexting minors.
Iván Duque Márquez1 August 1976Colombia
Miguel Stilwell de Andrade6 August 1976BusinesspersonCEO of Portuguese electric utilities company with lots of wind power. Attended 2023 Bilderberg meeting
Nawaf Alhazmi9 August 1976Saudi Arabia
11 September 2001
Abiy Ahmed15 August 1976EthiopiaPoliticianEthiopian Prime Minister, censored by Facebook
Felix Maradiaga3 September 1976Politician
Deep state operative
Nicaraguan academic with deep state connections
Chamath Palihapitiya3 September 1976Sri LankaEngineer
Venture capitalist with a working class background.
Yuriy Vitrenko7 September 1976Ukraine
EconomistUkrainian economist who attended the 2022 Bilderberg and WEF AGM
Masih Alinejad11 September 1976US-based regime change activist who has advocated for Israeli military attacks on her former country of Iran. Received $305,000 from the US government for her work at Voice of America, the US state broadcaster, between 2015 and 2019.
Oksana Markarowa28 October 1976Diplomat
... further results
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