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The US deep state goes back centuries, but its modern configuration is fairly easily traced back to the 1963 coup which fused an alliance into a single coherent Cabal. Under the leadership of George H. W. Bush after the Watergate coup, the group became centered on the Bush family. It has been aggressively waging a "War On Terror" since 9-11 quickened the supranational deep state. In recent years it has lacked clear leadership and suffered leaks, infighting, short-termism & confusion about handling its increasingly public profile.

The US Deep state (USDS), in the 21st century, is a vital organ of the supranational deep state. It controls the US government, with its "über-dominant role in the global trade in weapons",[1] the CIA, which dominates the global illegal drugs trade, the NSA and Silicon Valley (experts at global surveillance) and the businesses of Wall St. It interlocks closely with the UK Deep state, and is the best documented deep state on this website.

“I have come to see that today's Congress itself is dominated by the deep state powers that profit from what I have called "America's Global War Machine." These so-called "statesmen" of America are as dedicated to the preservation of American dominance as were their British predecessors [a century ago].”
Peter Dale Scott (2015)  [2]

As of 2023

As of 2023, the USDS is incoherent, suffering in-fighting and leaks. Although highly compartmentalised, it is more exposed than ever, and events such as the Jeffrey Epstein affair have shaken confidence in its ability to keep effective control of the US government.[3] It is moving rapidly, like many governments, towards open totalitarianism. Most US citizens would probably struggle to define it or explain it, but post-February 2017, they do at least have a name - the US deep state.

“The apparatus of the American deep state is a vast system of institutions in which the proverbial right arm does not know what the left one is doing. The CIA, FBI, NSA and the military services are compartmentalized to a point where very few of the bureaucrats in their employ can put their finger precisely on what is going on. Best known examples of that kind of entity are the resistance movements in German occupied Europe of World War II, and the cell system of an expansionist communist movement in the early stages of its development. Movie goers are familiar with the ‘need to know’ limitations on the information given to participants in an operation. The numerous levels of ‘security clearance’ make that clear. They have created labyrinths of hidden policy making over which no effective political control can exist. This applies to internal control as well. The institutions of the American deep state are riven by turf battles, schisms, something quite noticeable in their conflict with President Trump and, indeed, eruptions from officials with a conscience. This produces leaks and whistleblowing. These may be seen as emergency actions in the absence of functioning accountability structures.”
Karel van Wolferen (4 April 2017)  [citation needed]

A relentless corporate media propaganda barrage has failed to hide from many US citizens that the US government responds not to the ballot box, but to The Cabal of deep politicians who pull the strings of deep state actors on the Washington stage.[4]

Early history

What the United States lacks as regards a tradition of feudal oppression it gains in the hidden genocide of the native Americans (some of whom helped the first settlers from Europe to survive on the North American continent). The American Dream, as John Taylor Gatto reminds us, never used to be of financial wealth or consumption, but of independence. The US has long styled itself the "land of the free", and spoken out against European imperialism.[citation needed] As such, the US might not seem particularly fertile soil for the development of a deep state, but while the US constitution certainly makes much of freedom and equality, it was drawn up by slave owners and plutocrats. The US deep state has long has connections with the UK deep state.

19th Century

By the 19th century, various secret societies had been imported from Europe or started in the USA de novo. Nevertheless, the traditional US pattern was of self-subsistence on family farms and emphasised strong local communities. This limited the importance and reach of the proto-deep state. As the 19th century progressed, industrialization and the growth of cities increased the reach of the US public state and so too the US deep state. The power of money issuance, wrested in the US public state, was an attractive target of private bankers. One illustration of this was the 1881 "lone nut" assassination of US president James Garfield who had tried to limit the power of private bankers[How?][citation needed].

Edward Mandel House in 1915

Edward Mandel House was a US deep state actor whose activities included handling Woodrow Wilson for the money trust. A 1933 letter to him from US President Franklin D. Roosevelt suggests that deep state forces were already a defining factor in the US by the first half of the 20th Century:

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt (21 November 1933)  [5]

Forced schooling

Full article: Rated 4/5 School

Most US states made attending school a legal requirement in the latter half of the 19th century, as industrialists realised they needed an obedient labour force to do factory work for them. Forced schooling was a foot-in-the-door to the separation of children from local value systems and the inculcation of obedience to impersonal, government-appointed, authorities. To this end, moves were taken against one room schools which required little administration, fostered a home like atmosphere and emphasised local values.[6]

Elite colleges & Secret societies

The Ivy League colleges are a set of 8 colleges in the North East US to which the ruling class have long aspired to send their children. Many of these have college fraternities, some secret, some with extreme hazing rituals, which can inspire lifelong loyalty among members. These secret societies were an important recruiting ground for the US deep state.

Skull and Bones

Full article: Skull and Bones
Bones logo.jpg

The most famous of the (formerly highly secret) societies is Yale University's Skull & Bones, which since 1832 has admitted 15 new students annually,[7] favouring those whose family members have already joined the group. The group was the subject of intense research by Professor Anthony C. Sutton, who concluded that a desire for power characterised the bonesman. Attendance, formerly a closely guarded secret, is now more or less public knowledge, even if the commercially-controlled media usually keep silent on the matter. The 2004 US Presidential election offered the US public a choice between bonesman George W. Bush or fellow bonesman John F. Kerry.

Dining clubs

Corsair III, a 331 foot private yacht owned by J. P. Morgan

At the turn of the 20th century, private dining clubs such as J. P. Morgan's Corsair Club were a popular social milieu for the extremely wealthy, some (or most?)[citation needed] of which had a strict code of secrecy. One particularly long-lived group is the Pilgrims society, founded in the UK in 1902, which began in the USA a year later. Attended by a selection of financiers, central bankers, diplomats, politicians and deep politicians, it continues to this day, has UK royal patronage, and is listed on this website as a deep state milieu.

The Money Trust

Full article: The Money Trust
A cabal of bankers had de facto control of the US government at the start of the 20th century and brought in the Federal Reserve Act. They profited extremely from manipulation of the money supply, resulting in The Great Depression. This led to unrest, which they planned to quell by staging a fascist coup (Business Plot). However, they picking the wrong front man; Smedley Butler exposed the plot.

Control of the right to issue money is a key indicator of de facto control in any capitalist society. In the US in the 19th century it shifted back and forth between private bankers and elected politicians, before a banking cartel captured it in 1913. The owners of the Federal Reserve have exercised control over the extremely profitable US Dollar franchise ever since, giving them a key role in the US deep state.

The Money Trust was an alliance of financiers from Wall St. that centered around J. P. Morgan. It fought for the control of the US money supply in the 19th and early 20th century, until successfully getting the 1913 Federal Reserve Act past the US government, which delivered immense profits both from the seigniorage of issuing the US dollar and from the ability to create booms and busts in the US economy.

20th Century

Unbeknown to historians of the shallow political history, the US government underwent at least 5 attempted coups d'etat in the 20th century, all with connections to members of the Bush family.[8] Eugenics (racial survival of the fittest) was a potent ideology in the US - used to justify colonial empires, oligarchies and dynastic control over laissez-faire capitalism - until WW2 when its association with Nazi Germany brought it into disrepute. Post WW2, the Cold War quickly took hold in the US and was used to justify increased spending on the Military Industrial Congressional Complex.

Operation 40, a CIA-sponsored hit squad involved in the JFK Assassination

The extreme secrecy and wartime origins of the CIA meant that it never experienced much in the way of effective public oversight. Allen Dulles used the organisation to carry out coups and assassinations for his Wall St friends. The extreme fear of communism that accompanied McCarthyism ensured a wartime mentality in which pragmatism was preferred to principles. In 1955, the CIA took over the golden triangle heroin trade, securing a lucrative source of off-the-books funding for future operations of which Congress need not be notified. Zapata Petroleum, the oil business of George H. W. Bush took him suspiciously close to many key CIA operations, including Cuba, Vietnam, the Middle East and even Medelin, Colombia (over 100 miles from the sea).

Ted Shackley's JM/WAVE station in Miami created Operation 40, a CIA hit squad mostly of Cuban exiles, that carried out a huge number of unsuccessful hits on Fidel Castro. In 1963 group members were used to help assassinate the US president, John F. Kennedy, who had sacked CIA director Allen Dulles and whose decisions threatened the profits (or liberty) of US oil businessmen, bankers and deep politicians. JFK's killing brought LBJ to power, a Cabal member.

Cord Meyer ran a large cover-up operation to hide the truth from the US public, using the CIA's operational control of big media. The blood guilt of the JFK assassination bound the conspirators together.[9] Referred to on this website simply as "The Cabal", it has had near complete control over the US Presidency ever since.[10] After a rocky period in the 1970s, the 1980s saw it consolidate its power base in Washington DC by systematic infection of the upper reaches of the US government. In the 1990s this group extended its global reach and by 11th September 2001, a supranational alliance was in place to support the cover-up.

1913 Federal Reserve Act

Full article: US/Federal Reserve

On December 23, 1913, a 298-60 vote in the US House[citation needed] saw the Federal Reserve Act pass into US law, creating a privately owned US central bank. Although the system's multiple reserve banks gave it the appearance of a decentralisation, the New York Fed was always the most influential[citation needed], and the extent of US government oversight was similarly more nominal than real.[11] The system was easily dominated by the private bankers who designed it, allowing the huge seigniorage profit from the US dollar to be silently pocketed by the owners of the Fed - as it still is today.

World War I

Full article: World War I

The UK deep state worked hard to get the US involved in World War I, overcoming the isolationism of the US public which wanted no part in what was widely seen as a war of Europeans. The sinking of the Lusitania was an important step in this process, as was the Committee on Public Information. The war itself shifted the balance of supranational deep state power away from London towards Washington DC.


Prohibition in us.jpg

In 1920, alcohol was prohibited in US, a boon to US organised crime. It also established the primacy of John D. Rockefeller's monopoly over petroleum by ending effective competition from ethanol, which was cleaner burning and could be easily home-produced on a farm. The 1920s and 1930s were a period of widespread poverty in the USA, particularly following the 1929 Wall St Crash. Elected in 1921, Warren Harding was a popular US president. He suddenly fell ill and died in 1923 and some people close to him died soon after, including his wife and doctor. He was succeeded by Calvin Coolidge.


In the 1930s many US business leaders aspired to the fascist revolutions of Italy and Germany which had appeared very tempting from a business perspective. Alcohol prohibition was ended in December 1933 after a meeting of US business leaders agreed that the measure would stem unrest in the US populace. By that time, automobile manufacture was under effective control by big business leaders committed to petroleum.

In 1935 Bronson Cutting, a US senator who argued that government should control money and credit without the interference of private banks died in a plane crash. Later that year, senator Huey Long was assassinated, possibly (foreshadowing the fate of another promising US presidential hopeful, RFK) by one of his own bodyguards.

Suite 8F Group

Full article: Rated 5/5 Suite 8F Group
The Lamar Hotel, home of the Suite 8F Group

The Suite 8F Group was a Texas-based deep state faction which coalesced around the interests of big oil. "Texans were elected on December 7, 1931, not only to the Speakership of the House but to the chairmanship of five of its most influential committees, Lyndon Johnson's first day in the Capitol was the day Texas came to power in it - a power that the state was to hold, with only the briefest interruptions, for more than thirty years."[12] The group was heavily involved in the assassination of JFK, who was moving against the interests of big oil.

The Business Plot

Full article: The Business Plot
The Business Plot aimed to stage a fascist coup in the US. It failed since General Smedley Butler, the chosen front man, was tired of being a "gangster for capitalism". Although the names of the senior plotters were kept out of the papers and off the public record, this failure damaged the credibility of The Money Trust.

The Business Plot was an attempted coup d'etat by The Money Trust. After researching fascist governments in Europe a group of bankers and businessmen approached the anti-war general Smedley Butler, seeking someone popular enough to lead a force of 500,000 men to take control of the government in Washington DC and force Franklin Roosevelt to resign. Butler played along, sounding interested and supportive, but was secretly horrified and exposed the plot to congress.

FDR was being obstructed by Wall St in implementing his New Deal and appears to used the discovery of their attempted plot as a lever against them. Ultimately, nobody was prosecuted for the attempted coup, and records of the hearings are very sparse, probably because Roosevelt struck a deal with the plotters. Only the names of the most junior plotters were released (officially, the senior plotters' names were temporarily censored from the hearing transcripts, pending further investigation, but no further investigations were ever carried out). In return, the businessmen did not oppose his New Deal.[clarification needed][citation needed] Later reports have included Prescott Bush's name in this connection, but it was not revealed at the time.[clarification needed][13]


Whitney Webb begins One Nation Under Blackmail - The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein in the 1940s.

“During the 1940s and 1950s, corrupt politicians championed the politics of anti-communism in order to divert attention from the growing nexus between organized crime, big business and government. At the center of this nexus stood FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (1924-1972), who cultivated mob connected businessmen in his war against communism, while refusing to cooperate with the Kefauver Committee's landmark investigation of organized crime in 1950-1951.”
Jeremy Kuzmarov (10 June 2021)  [14]

World War II

Full article: WW2

World War II afforded considerable opportunities for self-enrichment, since wartime urgency meant that the combatants were ready to pay high prices. Edwin Black has researched IBM's selling Hollerith machines to Hitler's Germany to assist the holocaust.[citation needed] Documents declassified in 2003 revealed that Prescott Bush profited from businesses that financed Adolf Hitler's rise to power.

Pearl Harbor.jpg

The Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor was announced to the US public as a surprise attack, although the most important boats had been removed from the harbor[citation needed] and other sources[15] suggest that while Hawaii had not been warned of the attack, Washington DC was fully aware. The attack galvanised support for the US entering World War II on the side of the allies. The US set up the Office of Strategic Services, a proto-CIA.

In 1942 Prescott Bush's property[Which?][citation needed] was seized under the Trading With the Enemy act.[citation needed] Persistent rumours suggest that Yamashita's gold, a huge cache of war loot collected by the Japanese was later used by the CIA as a source of off-the-books funding for black operations.

Operation Gladio

Full article: Operation Gladio

A defining influence on the European deep political scene was Operation Gladio, which was set up in Europe around the end of WWII. It was also called the "staybehind network", as it planned for WW3 by training, funding and maintaining top secret cells of fascists ready to stay behind in case of a Red Army invasion, and carry out bombings and assassinations behind enemy lines. Gladio was under at least partial control of the US deep state through the CIA, and lead to the development of Operation Gladio/B, which was to assume great importance after 9-11.

CIA, The Cold War & the Rise of the Military Industrial Congressional Congress

Full articles: CIA, Cold War

Post 1945, the USSR, although a wartime ally against Nazi Germany, quickly came to be feared. This lead to a decades long rivalry referred to as the "Cold War", and an accompanying "Arms Race" which saw both the USA and USSR spending ever increasing amounts of money trying to outdo each other in the creation of ever more destructive technologies, particularly Nuclear Weapons. This provided huge profits for what outgoing US President Eisenhower referred to as the "Military Industrial (Congressional) Congress".[16] His warning against allowing this group undue influence went unheeded, in large part because it had already entrenched itself so deeply into the US Deep state.

The The Georgetown Set was an influential group, united by a virrulent anti-communism, which eased the institutionalisation of the WW2 permanent war mentality through the 1947 National Security Act, which set up the Central Intelligence Agency, a key incubator of The Cabal which emerged after the JFK assassination.


Full article: 1950s

In 1950 the CIA began Operation Mockingbird, an ongoing CIA project to take de facto control of the commercially-controlled media. This highly funded project was later to prove invaluable in covering up the JFK Assassination. History books report that Operation Ajax was the first coup d'etat organised by the CIA,[17] but often miss the question of why. As Charlotte Dennett notes, the initiative came not from Washington DC but from Wall St, indicating de facto control over the agency by big business, confirming its characterisation as an organ of the US deep state.[18] Fear of communism (the "Red Scare") in the US assumed the dramatic form of McCarthyism, facilitating blackmail or blackballing of enemies of the US deep state.

In 1954, the first meeting of the Bilderberg took place, establishing an annual deep state milieu that is still attended by senior businessmen, editors, media moguls, bankers, military leaders and senior politicians from Western Europe, US and Canada. Its off-the-record closed-door meetings were unknown to the general public for over 50 years, even as it actively promoted closer European Union[19] and Europe-USA ties.[20]


“When Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex, the values, institutions, and resources that comprised it were still subordinate elements in American society. Today it not only dominates both parties, but it is also financing threats to both of these parties from even further to the right.”
Peter Dale Scott (2015)  [21]

MLK Greatest Purveyor.jpg

The 1960s were a key decade in the development of the modern US Deep state. A network of power players arranged to assassinate the US President, John F. Kennedy. Their exact identities may never be agreed by historians, but on his deathbed CIA agent E. Howard Hunt named JFK's vice president, Lyndon Baines Johnson as the leader of the plot. Many of the assassins were Cuban exiles from the CIA's Operation 40, initially set up to assassinate Fidel Castro. Assassinations and regime changes were widely and aggressively abroad from the US.

JFK Assassination

Full article: JFK/Assassination

On 23 November 1963, the 35th US President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. This assassination was the seminal deep event of the US Deep state in its modern form - a group that Mark Gorton refers to simply as "The Cabal"[9] Study of the assassination - and especially its cover-up is recommended to anyone seeking to understand the US deep state.[22] The official narrative blamed a "lone nut", Lee Harvey Oswald, actually a CIA contract agent who had been sheepdipped with a false defection to the USSR. His handler, George de Mohrenschildt, wrote to George H. W. Bush asking for help before his own sudden death. Mark Gorton observes that Oswald was "a fairly minor character in the coup of '63, but through him, a multi-layered counter-intelligence plot can be seen".[9]

The Quickening of The Cabal

Full article: The Cabal

Since the plot went mostly to plan, the FBI announced "Oswald did it, case closed" within hours.[citation needed] The main hitch was that Lee Harvey Oswald was captured alive by the Dallas Police, so the plotters ordered Jack Ruby to shoot him before he could tell his side of the story. This left a rather unconvincing "lone nut kills lone nut" official narrative. Many members of the US public were unconvinced[23] - the majority of whom now believe that JFK was killed by a conspiracy (although perhaps few have yet to grasp this event's connection to the modern day US deep state). Over a decade after Kennedy's killing the HSCA disagreed with the Warren Commission's finding - concluding that JFK was probably killed by a conspiracy. The shared need of The Cabal to avoid collective exposure lead them to carry out dozens of assassinations to contain the truth and galvanised them into what was to become the dominant force in deep politics even to this day.[24]

A memo of November 25 1963, from US Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach stated that it was important to persuade the US public that "Oswald was the assassin," and that "he did not have confederates."[25] The US public however continued to doubt the FBI's official narrative, so LBJ put together the the Warren Commission, which purported to be an investigation into the veracity of the FBI's story, although most of the members were enemies of JFK and the group's conclusion was preordained. Earl Warren was a highly respected US Supreme Court judge who twice refused to chair the commission, but agreed after blackmail by J. Edgar Hoover.[citation needed] A 1964 CIA memo, entitled Countering Criticism Of The Warren Commission Report introduced the then novel phrase "conspiracy theorist" to be used for ad hominem attacks on anyone who dissented from the Warren Commission's official narrative of the killing.

The Vietnam War

Full article: Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a large source of revenue for the US Deep state, both through arms and drugs. Figures in the early CIA, after working on an ad hoc basis with drug traffickers during WW2, quickly started taking over entire drug trafficking networks worldwide.[26] The CIA took over control of the South East Asian drug trade in 1956[27][28] and used the war to scale up the heroin trade and boost the US market through exposing young US soldiers to the drug. The CIA also developed the social destabilization tactics (Operation Phoenix) which it would unleash in South America before scaling up the drugs trade there.


Full article: 1960s/Assassinations
RFK was assassinated campaigning at the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles. Over a dozen witnesses saw MKUltra subject Sirhan Sirhan shoot wildly in the direction of RFK, and he was convicted as a "lone nut".

Ted Shackley, leader of the CIA's station in Miami that set up Operation 40 appears to have played a major role in organising JFK's assassins. Shackley was a deep politician who became the first[citation needed] US Chairman of the Pinay Cercle, an anti-communist deep state milieu which was instrumental in offshoring the US deep state. The assassination and subversion tactics developed abroad were heavily used domestically in the US in the 1960s, to increase control over the domestic populace, and in particular to hide the truth of the JFK assassination.


Chairman of the US House Select Committee on Assassinations, Frank Church, holds a CIA poison dart gun that could cause either cancer or a heart attack.

The 1970s was a decade of turmoil and transformation for the US deep state. As the original leaders of the group which killed JFK began to die off, a power vacuum emerged at the top of The Cabal. George H. W. Bush emerged victorious in the struggle for power, in part because of his successful take down of US President Richard Nixon, whom The Cabal had originally backed, but who was planning to betray them.[9] Cabal member Ford made Bush Director Of The CIA, granting him more power than any other CIA director since the agency was set up, nominally as an outsider to clean it up. However, he used this power to consolidate his position as unchallenged head of the US deep state. He stemmed the agency's leaks and set up Team B, a group which boosted Cold War fear, US military superiority and MICC revenues by systematically exaggerating the threat posed by the USSR.[29]

The Pike and Church Committees put the CIA under scrutiny for the first time, exposing mind control research projects such as MKUltra. This pressure which was added to by the US House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). Operating from 1976-1978, this investigated the JFK assassination and the ensuing spate of other assassinations in the USA. The Cabal's assassins were kept busy to contain the truth; 21 people involved in the JFK assassination called to testify before the HSCA died in suspicious circumstances.[9] As a result, the Cabal decided to offshore its operations to a safer base, a key next step in the globalisation of the deep state.

In 1979 the Jonathan Institute organised a conference in Jerusalem attended by key deep politicians. Around 50 people, including George H. W. Bush and at least 4 members of Le Cercle gave presentations that highlighted the dangers of "international terrorism" and asserted that the USSR was masterminding it. The same group of "terror experts" were to hype the threat of "Islamic terrorism", as a replacement raison-d'etre for the MICC after the spectre of communist had receded.[30]

The Watergate Coup

Full article: Watergate coup

Presented by the complicit corporate media as proof that the US system of government catches wrong doing, the Watergate story as told to the US public by CIA assets Woodward and Bernstein was nothing of the kind. In fact it was a clandestine coup d'etat masterminded by George H. W. Bush. After Nixon resigned, the first act of Gerald Ford, his successor as US president, was a blanket pardon - avoiding any legal process about what did or did not actually happen. Ford was a junior member of The Cabal, which used his presidency as an incubator for a clique of future senior members. These included Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, whose interests included the "Continuity of government" programme that they continued to work on as private citizens and that they silently activated on September 11th, 2001.[31]

The Carter Administration

Jimmy Carter was the last US President not under control of The Cabal. The US government agencies already under Cabal control did their best tried to limit his efforts to clean up Washington. Carter removed George H. W. Bush and the top 400 members of the CIA,[citation needed] which speeded up the US Deep state's offshoring its operations to more secretive, non-governmental, milieux - most notably The Safari Club.

Offshoring the CIA

Full articles: The Safari Club, BCCI

As the CIA was being subjected to an unprecedented level of scrutiny, the US deep state needed an alternative deep state milieu. They formed The Safari Club, an international group of spooks that was named, like the Bilderberg, after its first venue, a resort in Kenya majority owned by arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. Its formation was a key step in the evolution of what Peter Dale Scott has refered to as the "Supranational Deep State" (SDS). The BCCI was a global money laundering system used by the CIA. As CIA director, George H. W. Bush greenlighted its development, which assisted the offshoring of the CIA.


Arms for Libya, "the biggest arms-dealing case in U.S. history" included a shipment of 20 tonnes of plastic explosive to Libya, toegther with training in bomb making. As of 2020, the event was only semi-exposed, without even its own page in Wikipedia

After surviving the pressure of the 1970s, the 1980s saw a flourishing of the US deep state. After Nelson Rockefeller told presidential hopeful Ronald Reagan that the business establishment's support was conditional on Reagan's nominating Bush as his vice president Reagan complied.

October Surprise Conspiracy

Anxious to prevent a last minute boost for Carter if the Iranian hostages were released, Reagan also went along with Bush's October Surprise Conspiracy - which gave the Iranians money and weapons in return for their promise not to release the US hostages until Reagan had been sworn in. Just two months into Reagan's presidency, a "lone nut" with Bush family connections unsuccessfully tried to assassinate him, a demonstration of Reagan's obliviousness to Bush's deeper plans. After acquiescing to Bush's deal secret with the Iranians, however, Reagan was in no position to expose him. The CIA helped organise the 1980 Camarate air crash, a covert assassination, of the Portuguese Minister of Defence, Adelino Amaro da Costa,[32] who was planning to expose the conspiracy.[citation needed]

The Enterprise

Full article: Stub class article The Enterprise

George H. W. Bush used his white house positions to engage in what Mark Gorton termed a "vast criminal romp", including drug trafficking, financial fraud, savings and loan fraud and the HUD fraud. The profit of these frauds was liberally shared both with friends and enemies; beyond pure greed, the deeper purpose of these frauds was to so thoroughly criminalise the top layers of US government as to prevent a US government exposure of the crimes of The Enterprise. Control over the commercially-controlled media was used to suck money from the US public in a series of speculative bubbles and then to hide the bigger picture.[9] The huge amount of money they netted facilitated the globalisation of the Bush family's influence and assisted the development of the supranational deep state.

The Enterprise moved weapons and money[When?] to the Taliban in a challenge to the Soviet presence in Afghanistan[citation needed] and also launched Operation Hammer to try to undermine the government of the Soviet Union. This still little exposed operation used CIA agents in the USSR to identify KGB counterparts who could be induced to assist the economic takeover of their country.[33]


Full article: US/VIPaedophile
Gary Caradori's briefcase disappeared...

The Enterprise ran at least two VIPaedophile operations which were later exposed, headed by Craig Spence and Larry King. Gary Caradori recorded sworn testimony on over 20 hours of videotape, where children described being flown around the country as child prostitutes, involved in sadistic orgies as part of the Franklin child prostitution ring. They said it was organized by Larry King.[34]


Full article: Privatisation

The US Deep State in the 1980s aggressively promoted privatisation, as similar economic policies were being pushed through by UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (who had been victorious in the 1979 General Election after support from the Bilderberg, Le Cercle and Shield). Although unpopular with the general public, privatisation not only yielded windfall profits for well positioned insiders, it also created new levels of obfuscation, profiteering and deniability, complicating lines of control — of particular use in the arms and intelligence sectors dominated by the deep state groups that promoted the policy. The economic case for the privatisation of natural monopolies such as utilities and transport was extremely shaky, but their removal from public ownership and placement in private hands not only increased the potential profits which could be extracted from people, it expanded the aegis of control of big money — allowing more and more life critical processes to be transferred to their unaccountable power.


Full article: "Iran-Contra"

The series of events which the US commercially-controlled media dubbed "Iran-Contra" was a combined arms dealing and drug trafficking operation run by The Enterprise, which imported cocaine from South America and sold weapons to Iran and to anti-communist rebels in Nicaragua.

Labelling it the fourth coup attempt in George H. W. Bush's career, Mark Gorton suggests that it was a limited hangout - a deliberate attempt to expose some gun and drug running in an unsuccessful effort to force Reagan to resign. The media exposure risked legal consequences for the leaders, prompting The Cabal to liquidate hundreds of mid-level deep state functionaries in order to insulate the top leaders from exposure.[9]


William Engdahl claims that the 1990s saw the conclusion of Operation Hammer. The resulting political and economic changes provided vast opportunities for looting, which saw entire industries sold for a pittance, making a tiny number of people (the so-called Russian oligarchs) into billionaires. Engdahl reports that these oligarchs were not drawn mostly from the ranks of opportunistic Russian Mafia, but were mostly KGB generals whom The Enterprise had recruited in the 1980s through the CIA.[33] As well as a huge opportunity for profiteering, the demise of the USSR also represented a threat to the MICC, which as Colin Powell wrote in 1991 was "running out of demons".[33] However, US corporate media talk of a "peace dividend", i.e. a lowering of expenditure on the MICC, was brief, and quickly followed by an unquestioning acceptance the government's official narrative that "Islamic terrorism" was such a threat as to justify increased military spending.

Bill Clinton's defeat of George H. W. Bush in the 1992 Presidential Election was of little consequence for the US deep state. Although a different political party from the Bushes, on a deeper level he was playing for the same team. Recruited in London as a CIA asset by Cord Meyer, Clinton was the Arkansas representative of The Cabal - a state of particular importance due to the fact that Mena, Arkansas was the main transshipment point for the CIA's cocaine .

By 1991, preparations had been made for the 9/11 event.[35] Alec Station, the CIA's super secret "get Bin Laden" station was set up,[When?][By whom?] and charged with tracking Al Qaeda and Ossama Bin Laden. This was to prove useful in protecting the "19 hijackers" from honest law enforcement officials.

OKC Bombing

Full article: OKC Bombing
As well as providing a pretext for more "counter-terror" legislation in 1995, the false flag bombing destroyed FBI investigations being carried out which were set to expose some frauds of The Enterprise.[citation needed]

In 1995, explosions in the Murrah building in Oklahoma city killed 168 people. Initial reporting suggested that it was the work of "Muslim terrorists", the official narrative quickly changed to blame Timothy McVeigh and the US militia movement. In fact, it was a false flag, as evidenced by the fact (amongst others) that the damage to the buildings was incompatible with the bomb McVeigh purportedly built. Echoing other suspicious events, the FBI quickly confiscated CCTV footage of the event, and later reportedly lost a crucial tape.

21st Century

Having enjoyed a stranglehold over US mass media since at least as far back as the JFK Assassination, with the US media more consolidated than ever, control of information may have seemed a straightforward task until the rise of the World Wide Web. This quickly developed from an academic research tool of marginal interest into a universally available means of accessing information. Moreover, the Internet on which it was built had a decentralised design that made censorship difficult. As web technologies became more interactive, by the early 2000s the general public could not only to access but also share information with others around the globe. This presented an unprecedented technical challenge to the US deep state, whose previous modus operandi for controling information had centered on dominating editorial hierarchies and corporate boards of big media. One response to contain information was the rise and rise of claims of "national security" - increasingly used in USA to avoid response to FOIA requests. Al Qaeda and similar groups continue to be run through intelligence agency proxies, and have carried out a string of attacks globally, especially in European nations that were wavering in their support of "terrorism".

The US deep state used 9/11 not only as a casus belli to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, but also to reorganise the US government under "counter-terror" rubric, emphasising mass surveillance, increased spending on the deep state controlled MICC (notably the DoHS) while defunding government agencies which posed a threat to its dominance. More broadly, the 9/11 event began an unprecedented corruption of global governance, increasing expenditure on the MICC to undertake a global surveillance project, rolling of back civil liberties, and undertaking a general militarisation of society the world over under the fraudulent banner of the "War on Terror". While vehemently oposed by a lot of civil society, the governmental opposition to this project has been so lacking that 9-11 can be considered the genesis of a supranational deep state.

September 11, 2001

Full article: Rated 4/5 9-11

Well over 10 years in the planning, the events of September 11, 2001 were the most ambitious of the many false flag attacks carried out by The Cabal. The project required not only a legion of carefully placed US government insiders, but relied on collaboration from Saudi intelligence, the Pakistani ISI and the Mossad.[36] A closely choreographed sequence of failures by deep state functionaries to follow standard operating procedures prevented any planes from being intercepted by US air defence.

The "19 hijackers" were patsies, mostly from Saudi Arabia, let into the USA on a CIA-managed visa programme[37], shepherded and given money and logistical support from Saudi agents coordinated by The Cabal. The arrest and/or detention of the "19 hijackers" by honest officials was prevented on many occasions by the CIA's Alec Station[38] which had legal jurisdiction on matters pertaining to Ossama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, allowing them to protect the designed patsies.

Larry Silverstein had taken out special insurance against such attacks since purchasing the World Trade Center just 6 weeks before the attacks. The billions of dollars he was awarded are only the most obvious of a number of fortunes made from the event. The Department of Homeland Security, created after the event, has disbursed trillions[citation needed] of tax payer dollars to a small number of MICC contractors. The targets of the plane strikes appear to have been a deliberate attempt to cause disruption in the US bond market. The established procedures were not followed after the SEC suspended rules and allowed for blind-brokered trades. Mark Gorton suggests that the financial fraud may have been over $100 billion, making it "the largest theft in US history".[9]


Full article: 9-11/Cover-up

As with the JFK assassination, the cover-up of 9-11 was a larger operation, and involved tidying up innumerable loose ends. Unknown to most US citizens until Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11, George W. Bush opened US airspace in the days after the attacks explicitly to allow rich Saudis to leave the USA, including members of the Bin Laden family.

Porter Goss, a member of the CIA's Operation 40 co-chaired the first US government "investigation". Although he explicitly stated that it did not attempt to determine wrongdoers, it did observe that the hijackers had received a lot of money from Saudi Arabia (including from the wife of Prince Bandar, long time Saudi ambassador to the US and a close personal friend of the Bush Family). George W. Bush censored these 28 pages from the report. Relatives continued to vocally express their dissatisfaction and disbelief, so George W. Bush reluctantly agreed to create of another "investigation". The original chair of the 9-11/Commission, Henry Kissinger, resigned rather than answer questions about his Saudi connections. His successor, Dr. Philip Zelikow wrote the structure of the report himself, without conferring with the other members of the 9-11 Commission.[citation needed]

Around 97% of the victims' families were compensated by the 9-11/Compensation fund, which only gave money to relatives who agreed not to sue the US government about the attacks.


Full article: 9-11/Exposure
Richard Gage, of AE911 Truth on CSPAN, by far the network's most-watched video of all time.

In the days after 9/11, while some people prominently dissented from the US government's official narrative[39], it was such a "big lie" and was so adeptly manipulated by the US commercially-controlled media that few US citizens were willing to contemplate the fact that it might not be more or less as presented by the US government. In the days and months after the event, there was no serious questioning of the story. Over the years, The Cabal's media assets gradually constructed an official opposition narrative that the government's failure to notice the warning signs of the attack was due to isolated acts of laziness or incompetence.

Possibly the biggest mistake of the day was the failure to match the number of plane strikes and building demolitions:- two planes supposedly destroyed three buildings, a mistake very likely connected to Flight 77, the official story of which is another particularly poor fit with the evidence. Although the third collapse was shown on TV on the day itself, it was not repeated — in stark contrast to WTC 1 & 2, which were shown repeatedly in the days and weeks following. Around 2006[citation needed] video of the collapse of WTC7 resurfaced and was widely circulated on the internet, deepening a scepticism about the US government's official narrative which was amplified soon after when a BBC report emerged which reported that WTC7 had collapsed about 20 minutes before it actually did, foreknowledge which as of 2018 still lacks a proper explanation.[40]

Related premature deaths

Full article: 9-11/Premature deaths
Beverly Eckert who opposed the 9-11/Compensation fund: "My silence cannot be bought"

Almost 3000 people were murdered on 9-11, allowing for the US deep satate to hide multiple assassinations. John O' Neill, for example, was an FBI "counter-terrorism" expert on whose investigation into the attack on the U.S.S. Cole was sabotaged by the US Ambassador to Yemen, Barbara Bodine. He was given the job as head of security for the World Trade Center on condition that he started work there on the morning of September 11, 2001.

Former Marsh & McLennan financial trader, Richard Andrew Grove, was fired in 2001 after questioning his boss about anomalous financial transactions. He was urged to present his evidence to a meeting on the morning of September 11, 2001 which he boss would attend by video chat. Late for the meeting due to traffic, Grove watched in horror as black smoke poured out of the hole in the side of WTC1, exactly where his meeting was scheduled.

Dozens of subsequent assassinations have been carried out to try to hide the truth about the events of September 11th, 2001. Targets have included conspirators, people with particular inside knowledge, chance witnesses, reporters and others who doubted the official story.

Political exploitation

The US government, with the follow up Amerithrax event, was sufficiently traumatised to permit an unprecedented expansion of the US police state — in the first instance, by the previously written PATRIOT Act. Similarly, the US deep state launched the invasion of Afghanistan, which dramatically increased the cultivation of opium.

The US public has been continually traumatised by acts of "terrorism" (usually[citation needed] linked to FBI informers). Although the US government never directly claimed that Iraq was responsible for 9-11, their ongoing strategy of tension against the US public was sufficient that the majority of the US public were reportedly in favour of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, an attack which resulted in millions of deaths[41] and huge profits for the MICC and big oil.


A dramatic rise in searches on "false flag".

The Pentagon's Operation Gladio/B has seen a steady rise in the number of attacks in Europe and the US which are blamed on "Muslim terrorists". As the "war on terror" has continued, an increasing number of people have grown sceptical about it. Google Trends reports that 2013, in particular, saw a sharp rise in the number of people searching on the term "False flag". With the advent of the smartphone, a large proportion of people carrying internet-connected recording devices with them 24/7, presenting new challenges for anyone planning a false flag attack.

Party politics

The 2004 US election saw two members of Skull & Bones compete for the US Presidency

The deception of shallow party politics has continued in the US, with President Barack Obama, an asset of the US Deep state, being elected amid a well-scripted (and award-winning) campaign that pretended to offer "hope and change" to a deeply disaffected US public. The 2016 Presidential Election saw another pair of old Cabal members face off in fake competition - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. After various leaks — especially emails from Hillary Clinton's private Email server, Trump won the election, exploiting growing public awareness of the US deep state by talk of "draining the swamp". The election of Trump, like the Brexit vote, may be evidence of a growing dissatisfaction with the political status quo and a desire for real change.

"Fake News"

Full article: Rated 3/5 “Fake News”

In late 2016, the supranational deep state tried to introduce the phrase "Fake News Website" into the public discourse to try to counter the public's consistently decreasing faith in commercially-controlled media. The ironic centerpiece of this effort was PropOrNot, an anonymous website which listed 200 purported "Fake News Websites". The list (which included this website) was featured by Operation Mockingbird asset, Craig Timberg in the Washington Post. In the face of legal threats by some of the sites named, the Post distanced itself from the article. Moreover, the phrase was quickly replaced by the simpler "Fake News" — neutralizing the plan to scare people away from websites back to newspapers and TV.

The phrase remains widely used, and has prompted a lot of discussion about the veracity of news and the importance of checking sources. It seems to have resulted in a Streisand-like blowback which not only defeated its original purpose, but awoke more people to the fact that TV and newspapers regularly contain disinformation. Various efforts have been made to try to make it illegal to post "fake news", many of which have fallen foul of free speech laws, and the impossibility of legally defining truth. In spite of an increase in the number of events of "terrorism" and massive coverage by corporate media, fear of "terrorism" (which was #2 in 2014) was no longer in the top 20 in 2017. The US adults' greatest fear (75% either afraid or very afraid) was of "corrupt government officials".[citation needed]

“I join with those who assess the decay of the so-called Pax Americana into ever widening arms build-ups and military violence, in the light of the very similar decay a century ago of the so-called Pax Brittanica. We need to rescind policies that are as visibly detrimental to America and the world today as they were to Britain then. The problem is that Amnerican institutions are again in the grip of collective mania, as they were in the Palmer raids of 1919 and the McCarthy persecutions of the early 1950s. People outside government must work for a redirection of the U.S. government away from mania and illegality, like the awakening that ends the McCarthy era. But to regain control of politics, Americans must learn to understand and cope with the dark forces of the deep state. America, I try to suggest at the end [of The American Deep State] has like Britain far more to contribute to the world than violent power.”
Peter Dale Scott (2015)  [42]

Drug busts

2019 saw a disproportionate increase in multi-tonne drug busts, possibly an indication of the increasing exposure (of infighting) within the deep state.


The US 2020 Election was very popular in mainstream and official opposition media. Elon Musk's and The Paypal Mafia seize of more leading US Big Tech companies attracted media attention.

Election fraud

A sudden jump for Biden in Wisconsin

Widespread allegations of election fraud including testimony of election staff,[43][44] fraudulent software[45][46], mail in ballot fraud and posthumous voting.[47]

Full article: Document:A compilation of twenty alleged election facts that dont pass the smell test

Corporate Media

Full article: CCM

The New York Times came under fire for the claim the news media will be the ones declaring the winner of the election (later deleting the tweet from 3rd November), AP went along similar lines again on the 6th of November.


Post about censorship on Reddit, that screenshot on Imgur itself was deleted pretty soon.

Commercially-controlled media and the main social media companies were active in removal of any mention of electoral malpractice.[48][49] Youtube reversed it's policy in 2023,[50] due to concerns of "curtailing political speech".[51]



The CIA and several PMCs were revealed to have actively trained Ukraine's army, which Russia said contributed - alongside other things - to a full scale war in 2022.[52]<[53][54]


Full article: US/Deep state/Exposure
From a 1987 TV programme by Bill Moyers, who was White House press secretary at the time of the JFK assassination

Deep states everywhere are increasingly exposed, and the US Deep state is no exception. The phrase "deep state", after being almost never used by commercially-controlled media was popularised in February 2017. Together with the boomeranging of the "fake news website" campaign, this seems to have contributed to an awareness of the shallowness of US party politics.

Ending The Deep State

In an unfinished section of his essay on the Deep state, Gorton refers to "the rise of the internet and the liberation of the truth"[9], opining that the truth will out, and old methods of censorship are doomed to fail since information is so easily communicable using modern technology. He concludes his essay on The Political Dominance of The Cabal by suggesting a truth commission as one way to break the cycle of criminal and corrupting behaviour: “I call for a Truth Commission to publicly and openly uncover the horrible secrets buried away behind walls of government secrecy. A Truth Commission would provide an opportunity for all people to come forward and confess crimes related to the Cabal... A Truth Commission could be a very effective way to purge the evil of the Cabal from our system. As hard as it may be to believe, things are so bad in the United States, we need a Truth Commission.” [55]


Events carried out

1929 Wall Street CrashA dramatic end to the "roaring twenties" - a huge wealth grab by the superrich
1993 World Trade Center bombingNew York
World Trade Center
A bomb attack on the World Trade Center which several authors have suggested was not a surprise to the FBI. A confidential CIA internal survey reportedly concluded that it was "partly culpable".
9-11New York
Washington DC
North America
A complex and spectacular set of events in New York and Washington. The US government was quick to blame Al Qaeda, though no evidence of guilt was presented and there is much suspicion about what Al Qaeda really is. In the USA 9-11 assisted the Patriot Act's roll back of civil liberties, the stepping up of domestic surveillance and the financial advancement of the military industrial complex. Abroad 9-11 helped launched wars on Iraq and Afghanistan that had been planned long before.
Arms for LibyaLibya
Around 20 tonnes of C-4 plastic explosive, training in bomb making, together with thousands of rifles, handguns & other weapons sold by a CIA operative to Muammar Gaddaffi's Libya in the late 1970s - early 1980s. Then "the biggest arms-dealing case in U.S. history", still lacking its own page on Wikipedia as of 2020.
Boston Marathon bombingsUS
A suspicious bombing with an even more suspicious attempt at a clean up - including the murder of Ibragim Todashev while in police custody.
Dallas occupy plotA plot to assassinate leaders of Occupy Houston. Although the FBI knew about it, no arrests have been made. Tellingly, although documentary evidence exists, the corporate media has said almost nothing about it.
Franklin child prostitution ringOmaha
Boys Town
A US/Deep state backed child prostitution ring centered around Larry King that was partially exposed
Grassy knoll
The assassination of US President John F. Kennedy was the seminal deep political event of modern times, perhaps even more than 9-11. Both were done by the same group. Subsequently the group assassinated RFK, MLK and many others to try to contain the truth.
MLK/AssassinationLorraine Motel
Officially a US-government assisted assassination!
October surpriseUSA secret deal which offered the Iranians weapons in return for their preventing the release of the US embassy hostages before the 1980 US presidential election.
Operation Gladio/BA development of Operation Gladio to help roll out the "war on terror" by promoting US/NATO-sponsored false flag attacks to be blamed on "Muslim terrorists".
Paul Wellstone/AssassinationUS
A crash officially recorded as an accident, but which several researchers consider to have been a covert assassination.
Ambassador Hotel
Los Angeles
The assassination of Robert Kennedy, who had resolved to bring to track down and prosecute the killers of him brother, JFK, once he had himself become president.
Savings and loan fraudUS"The largest theft in the history of the world", carried out in broad daylight, with legislative assistance. So many US politicians were directly or indirectly involved, that it was never properly exposed and efforts are ongoing to try to hide the fact that it was no mere accident.
Watergate coupWatergate ComplexThis is framed by the official narrative as a simple case of political corruption, one which proves that "the system works", since the powerful perpetrator was caught - if not actually brought to justice, since outgoing president Nixon was immediately pardoned by his successor, Gerald Ford. In fact it may well have been the outworking of a deeper political power struggle at work.


A US/Deep state victim on Wikispooks

MLKMartin Luther King was a pastor and political activist whose moral stance in the US in the 1960s posed a serious challenge to the US deep state. Now feted by the US government, although the US legal process conceded in 1999 that he was assassinated by the same government.


Related Quotations

1980s“The Savings and Loan crisis was a huge wealth transfer... According to people like Houston Post's Pete Brewton It was intelligence and organized crime that essentially collaborated with major Wall St banks at the time like Drexel Burnham Lambert and some of these other groups. This particular nexus, by taking like 6 billion dollars out of the savings and loan industry when it was deregulated basically buy what they didn't already own of corporate America. And so you have the same group more or less having compromised politicians through sex blackmail for decades, and by the time they own corporate America, due to the role that corporate America plays in US politics they can essentially buy everyone else out... During the same period of time, this network was also basically finding a way to off-the-books finance, erm "activities" — secret wars, really — all over the globe, not just in Nicaragua, at the the time, but really congressional approval to finance proxy armies... and for a long time this was justified with "this is necessary to fight the communists" and of course with the fall of the Soviet Union that excuse sort of collapses. And from that point, I see that power nexus in the 80s, after the fall of the Soviet Union I see that there's two, really a split, and you see it with US politics today. You have people... hungry for a return to the Reagan era days where America is on top and use these same types of illegal activities to further US imperialism, with a sort of warped idea of American nationalism. And then you have this other side that's the internationalist camp or the globalists that want global governance, and you sort of have them competing but... both factions go back to Iran contra and these intelligence, organized crime groups.”Whitney WebbNovember 2022
Bohemian Grove“The upper class of San Francisco is that way.. It's not just the ratty part of town. The upper class in San Francisco is that way. The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to time — it is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine, with that San Francisco crowd.I don’t even want to shake hands with anybody from San Francisco. Decorators. They’ve got to do something ... but goddamn it we don’t have to glorify it”Richard Nixon
CIA[Bush] wielded this heightened power on behalf of the military industrial complex that president Eisenhower had so famously warned against. Politicising the process of intelligence analysis, he imposed a systematic bias that took a new, harder line towards the communist block. This was a direct reversal of the Nixon-Kissinger policy of detente. Under the guidance of Rumsfeld, Cheney, a young Paul Wolfowitz and others who had ascended in the Halloween massacre, Poppy began finding ways to get around the analysts who did not sufficiently hype the Soviet threat. To that end, he created a second analytical team which produced alarming estimates of Soviet military capabilities. The concept was known as Team A - Team B. In this way, Poppy was the father of the analytical gamesmanship his son would use to justify war with Iraq nearly three decades later, under the guidance of the same Rumseld, Cheney and Wolfowitz.”
Conspiracy/Public attitudes“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”Woodrow Wilson1913
Deep state/2017 Popularisation“Though the deep state is sometimes discussed as a shadowy conspiracy, it helps to think of it instead as a political conflict between a nation’s leader and its governing institutions.”16 February 2017
Document:The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld“two governments: the one its citizens were familiar with, operated more or less in the open: the other a parallel top secret government whose parts had mushroomed in less than a decade into a gigantic, sprawling universe of its own, visible to only a carefully vetted cadre – and its entirety... visible only to God.”Dana Priest
William Arkin
Election/Fraud“It is more likely that time, rather than the voting booth, will erode the secret power of this Yale group, Nothing this outrageous can survive forever.”Antony Sutton2002
Jeffrey Epstein“not just a sex criminal, that's what they want to paint him as exclusively; he was a financial criminal who dabbled in sex crimes.”Jeffrey Epstein
Whitney Webb
Mike Pompeo“I was a cadet, what's the cadet motto at West Point? You will not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do. I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. We had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.”Mike PompeoApril 2019
Fletcher Prouty“The Kennedy assassination has demonstrated that most of the major events of world significance are masterfully planned and orchestrated by an elite coterie of enormously powerful people who are not of one nation, one ethnic grouping, or one overridingly important business group. They are a power unto themselves for whom those others work. Neither is this power elite of recent origin. Its roots go deep into the past.”Fletcher Prouty1992
Jack Ruby“I tell you that a whole new form of government is going to take over the country and I know I won’t live to see you another time.”Jack Ruby
Indira Singh“If we do, if everyone works together, and comes real close to, ehm, closing them down, you will see the mother of all terrorist attacks.”Indira Singh
Statecraft“The financial frauds conducted by The Enterprise were designed to implicate, enrich and entrap a huge swath of the political class in DC. Fraudulent securities or oil and gas deals were offered to friends to enrich them and enemies to entrap them. In some cases, enemies were suckered in with easy profits on small investments only to be bankrupted when larger fraudulent investments imploded. By the time that the Iran Contra scandal made the headlines, such a large number of congressmen and DC insiders were implicated that any attempt to expose the scale of the scandal would have resulted in a near wholesale implication of the political class. In many ways, this endemic corruption is what makes political reform in Washington so difficult, the level of corruption is so pervasive that the political class has no choice but to cover for each other’s crimes or risk mutually assured destruction.”Mark Gorton22 November 2013
Tragedy and Hope“For the first time in its history, Western Civilization is in danger of being destroyed internally by a corrupt, criminal ruling cabal which is centered around the Rockefeller interests, which include elements from the Morgan, Brown, Rothschild, Du Pont, Harriman, Kuhn-Loeb, and other groupings as well. This junta took control of the political, financial, and cultural life of America in the first two decades of the twentieth century.”Carroll Quigley1966
US/Chamber of Commerce“The chamber of commerce is really one of the most powerful lobbies in this country. It’s so powerful you almost never read about it. It’s one of those deep presences that rarely rise to the level of being written about in history.”Peter Dale Scott2 December 2014
Underwear bombing“Well, what I saw specifically was the two men go to the ticket agent counter together. Only the Indian man spoke and what the Indian man said was this man needs to board the plane and he doesn't have a passport. And the ticket agent then responded, well, you need a passport to board the plane. And the Indian man said, well, he's from Sudan and we do this all the time.”


Known members

All 23 of the members already have pages here:

James Jesus Angleton"The dominant counterintelligence figure in the non-communist world", according to Richard Helms, DCI.
John AshcroftUS Attorney General on 9/11
George H. W. BushSkull and bones mastermind of the bush family busine$$.
Dick CheneyNeoconservative deep politician with close ties to the MICC. Vice President 2001-2009, under George W Bush.
Thomas Clines"Ted Shackley's career-long deputy and sidekick"
Allen DullesDulles served the longest ever term as Director of Central Intelligence and dominated American intelligence for a generation. He personified a cadre of Ivy League pragmatic elitists in high echelons of the government who greatly admired Germany’s scientific achievements.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a> Dulles was fired by JFK after the Bay of Pigs and bore a grudge against him thereafter.
Gerald FordUS Deep State functionary who was made US President by The Cabal after they removed Richard Nixon with the Watergate Coup
William HarveyA deep state actor who was involved in the JFK assassination.
J. Edgar HooverUS Deep politician whose position as long time FBI head allowed him to make extensive use of sexual blackmail.
E. Howard HuntA CIA officer and USDSO. Heavily involved in both the Watergate Coup and the assassination of JFK.
H. L. HuntBillionaire Texas oil tycoon who joined the US deep state through his involvement in the assassination of JFK.
Lyndon JohnsonGenerally agreed to have been heavily involved in the plot to assassinate his predecessor, JFK.
Clint Murchison Jr.US deep state connected businessman
Edward Lansdale
Curtis LeMay
Cord MeyerCIA spook who may have run the cover up of the JFK assassination
David Sánchez MoralesHard drinking and physically imposing, David Sánchez Morales was somewhat indiscreet and suffered a sudden death just before he was due to testify to the HSCA.
Barack ObamaA puppet of the deep state, groomed for a top job. Has overseen a rollout of police state tactics such as torture, mass surveillance and assassination.
Karl Rove"That’s not the way the world really works anymore. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality."
Donald RumsfeldSenior member of the cabal, former US Defense Secretary, got aspartame approved
Theodore ShackleyA key member of the US deep state, involved in a huge list of deep events from the JFK assassination, Iran Contra, Arms for Libya and possibly also 9-11
Caspar Weinberger
Edwin P. WilsonCIA, Operation 40 member, US deep state arms dealer caught doing selling a mammoth consignment of C-4 explosive to Libya. He was thrown under a bus by the CIA's plausible deniability policy, but eventually exposed the CIA lie and overturned his conviction after 20 years in jail.


Events Planned

Arms for Libya 2.0A replay of the original Arms For Libya, in that a US deep state arms dealer was charged with selling weapons to Libya. However, in contrast to the original case, Marc Turi had a secret ace in the hole which caused the USDOJ to drop all charges and hush the affair up.
Australia/1975 coup d'état15 October 197511 November 1975Australia
A UK/US deep state-backed covert "constitutional coup" to remove Gough Whitlam whom they saw as a loose cannon.
Lee Harvey Oswald/Assassination24 November 1963 11:21:0024 November 1963 11:21:00US
The JFK assassination plan was that Oswald, the "lone nut" patsy, would be shot, but he was captured alive. This presented a problem, so Jack Ruby was tasked with eliminating him.
Malcolm X/Assassination21 February 196521 February 1965A US Deep State backed assassination
Oklahoma City bombing19 April 199519 April 1995United States
Oklahoma City Bombing
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
A highly suspicious terrorist bombing that was initially blamed on "Muslims", then on lone nuts Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Many questions remain answered about the official narrative.
Patrice Lumumba/Assassination17 January 196117 January 1961A US Deep state backed assassination, ordered by Allen Dulles, which was followed by decades of bloody violence.
Townhouse OperationThe Townhouse Operation was a US deep state operation to gain leverage over US politicians.
Underwear bombing25 December 200925 December 2009US
A successful engineer supposedly turns "extremist", joins Al-Qaeda and boards a plane with a professional made bomb in his underwear without a passport. His handler has never been found.


Related Documents

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Brzezinski's Black Room Report to president Carterreport20 November 1979Zbigniew BrzezinskiUS National Security Advisor Brzezinski's plans for regime change in Iran, including many methods and covert tactics that are familiar 40 years later.
Document:Finders Keepersarticle1 June 2000David McGowanClear evidence of suppression of an investigation into a child trafficking ring with blatantly obvious ties to US military and intelligence organisations.
Document:George Bush and the CIA In the Company of Friendsarticle1992Anthony KimeryAn overview of Bush's CIA work and related business activity.
Document:Obama and the Intelligence Cabalwebpage3 August 2011Natasha Barch
Vadim Stolz
Document:The Coup of '63, Part 1essay10 April 2014Mark GortonPart 1 of Mark Gorton's summary of the JFK assassination.
Document:The Octopusarticle1999David GuyattAn introduction to the involvement of senior US politicians, bureaucrats and the CIA in globalised criminal activities, the investigation of which cost investigative reported Danny Casolaro his life
Document:The Political Dominance of The Cabalessay2 March 2014Mark GortonThe story of an American political cabal so powerful that it has been able to repress knowledge of its existence for 50 years, and the hidden history of the political force that has dominated American politics for the last 50 years.
Document:The Taking Of America, 1-2-3book1985Richard E. SpragueAn authoritative description of the JFK assassination and succeeding crimes from the photographic expert advisor to Jim Garrison.
File:A Closer Look - Indira Singh talks about Ptech.pdfinterview28 October 2005Michael CorbinOne of the few interviews with IT specialist Indira Singh about her experience with Ptech and her subsequent findings on 9-11 before she went silent.
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5star.png 30 November 2018 Robin  A summary of the secret powers which have conspired to control the US government.
A long page, which focuses on how secret powers conspired in the 20th century (particularly after the JFK assassination to control the US presidency. It contains links to over a dozen key events which they have staged.
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  4. A Pew survey reported in 2017 that the greatest fear by far of US adults in 2017 was corrupt government officials.
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  7. In 1945, exceptionally, only 10 were admitted.
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  22. The Unspeakable is a recommended book in this regard
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  39. David McGowan expressed his disbelief from day one, while Mike Ruppert became a vocal critic later that year, researching the military drills which we scheduled so as to prevent the hijacked planes from being intercepted.
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